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$11 60k KJos again putting myself in trouble

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  • $11 60k KJos again putting myself in trouble

    hi all,again i put myself in trouble and see why you would muck hands like kj etc in early mid posistion.

    OK as you can imagine the table was pretty tag, sb i had seen try make a few moves.

    MY preflop play i know know after watching the play back was terrible,

    My question to you is on the flop should i have jammed?

    I think the opp still calls though,

    should i have just flat called the turn with a player to act?

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    Hi holdem! With KJo from mid position and over 26BB, I'm going to muck here and look for a better situation, either with better cards or when I'm in position. If I did play the hand, I'd open for a std raise (3BB+1BB for each limper), so I'd raise to 300. Open limping is something that can be a huge chip leak in tourneys and I do not want to do it. If the hand is not one that I'll make a std raise, then I'll muck. The flop gives me a double gutshot straight draw, but I only have K high as of now and there is a flush draw that could beat me even if I hit a straight. Since I do not have a made hand and I am definitely not the favorite in the hand, I don't want to bet the flop and I would only call a bet if I'm priced in to do so (would have to be a bet much smaller than 1/2 pot to make it a viable play to call). I want to see a free card, to see if I hit one of the two straights and do not want to make a -EV play to draw at my possible outs. Jamming the flop would be the worst play that I could make. The turn gives me the nut flush, but there IS a flush draw out there still. This time the SB makes a small bet, less than 1/4 pot, that if I call, will price them in to draw to a flush. I do not want to let this happen, as since I now have a made hand, I want to make their draw a -EV play to make. I absolutely need to raise here, but I don't want to shove, as there is a chance that I could not have the best hand after the river..... so I want to raise enough that it makes it a -EV play for the opponent to draw, with as little risk to me as possible. There is a flush draw (9 outs) but if someone has a set, they would have 10 outs to improve, so I need to price out 10 outs. To price this out against one opponent, I need to have them call a 1/2 pot bet, so therefore, I'll raise 1/2 pot (raise to 845) then re-evaluate after the river. If I bet less than 845, then I'll make their draw a +EV play, but I don't want to bet too much, as I don't want my tourney life on the line until I know that I've got the best hand after the entire board runs out. If the opp calls on the turn and I see the river club, then I'll use my read on the opp to make my decision if they bet. If they're playing tight, especially if I see them playing suited cards routinely, then I'll muck. If not, I'll try to get to showdown for as few chips as possible. I would not shove the river with 3 clubs on the board here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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