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cant put my finger on it

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  • cant put my finger on it

    I just cant seem to find what am doing bad as i have gone from geting a load of last tables in week to one in a month if am lucky then i end up 9th/10th.i lost all my bankroll a few weeks back so i had a week off and took a good look at what am doing bad a lot of things going all in pre/out of position with not the best of holdings was the main i had to stop this witch i did i reload say $35 startid doing the 45/90man 25cents i bust out 90mans 13th and i was leading the tourney then the 45mans the same thing 10th an yes i was leading the tourney i had the too going the same time after these i have done over 50to60 45man and 90 mans and am lucky to get 20th in a 45man an 50th in a 90man so now am at the point i have done tons of micromillions got round too twice nothing has come of the round twos i now have say a bankroll of $6.50 anyone got any advice to witch root i should take.

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    you have to fold monsters now and again if your chip stack allows you too. I use a bb level abit lower than standard sometimes late on which some people would say was a bad play but it all depends on the feel of the table and obvs the other chip stacks. trust me its hard to fold these hands late on but if its going to help you cash then its the right play. Theres alot of value in the pso sats and the freerolls for the psosop as there are alot of seats added you might want to try these if your bankroll is abit low


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      Hi DiaDark,

      a few questions,

      What is you range of hands you are willing to play during the first 3 levels?

      how a bout the middle of the tourniment what hands do you add?

      What is your stratergy when you get to the bubble?

      How do you play with only 12, 10 5 or 3 BB's?

      Ahar has a ton of good vidoes this is one of the first ones for this game.

      others can be found here

      hope this helps
      Grade b
      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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        Hi DaiDark!

        I can speak for the .25 games, as I played a number of them before black friday and if I ever get to play again, hope to play hundreds of them (I'm in the US).
        Multiple and consistant bustouts in the bottom 50% of these are normally due to playing way, way too loose.
        Yes, you'll have the occasional bad beat in them that will give a player a lower finish, but I'd be taking a look at the hand histories as a review and seeing where I'm losing chips and concentrating on looking at hands where I'm out of position.
        I play tight in them early (first 3-4 levels), then open up some in position. By then, there should be over 1/2 the field gone.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Hi dai,
          it sounds like you are suffering a similar fate to me! You are doing ok in the early stages and getting beat when the blinds start putting pressure on the tables. The only thing i have noticed about my own game is that i adopted a never say die approach for a while figuring that by being brave and getting my chips in when ahead the luck would turn around and i'd take down a few tourneys but i don't think it helped me. It's too easy to start feeling hard done by and shove a hand that when you are at peace with the poker gods you wouldn't hesitate to fold. Don't chase and don't get involved around the bubble if you are comfortable no matter what hand u have. If you just focus on getting ITM finishes i think the rest will take care of itself. You say you were chip leader and bubbled twice, well if you are chip leader don't try and boss the table, just sit on your chips and wait for the premiums to come.
          Hopw this helps, g luck!


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            Stick at it dd, keep doing what your doing, as much learning as playing Your probably just on a bit of a down swing, just make sure you keep training videos ect, I find playing while watching live training seriously distracting, I dont know if you do that but im trying to avoid mixing the two, you say you made a number of FTs so your probably on the brink Id stick to the 45s for a bit less variance Glumbup:



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