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10c 360 man QQ all in vs 3 limpers

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  • 10c 360 man QQ all in vs 3 limpers

    Would you have played this differently?

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    Hi Danny

    Looking at the action it's a min raise and 2 callers which is bloating the pot a bit more than 3 limpers would. This is a great spot to squeeze since all of these actions are weak. Which means their hands are weak and they are probably weak players as well, so they'll pay you off with worse hands.

    You have 30 BBs to start the hand and with the pot already at 7BBs when action comes around any raise here would probably commit you or put you in a really bad spot on the flop if a A or K roll off. Therefore I think the only action here is a shove and hope for action from these weak players or be happy picking up 7BBs without a showdown. Win Win.

    We get called by the weaker hand which we can half expect. At that point our job is done and luck takes over.

    Good shove I think, just unlucky.


    Quad Bracelet Winner


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      Not in a million years. For sure not in a .10 360 game. I'm never even considering a call in this spot. That would be turning a premium hand into a weak pair that we're now playing out of position,should an A or K flop. Not a very palatable scenario. And of course doing that very thing leaves us open to being pushed off the hand post flop by bluffs or players betting weaker hands (don't actually have the A or K but caught a different piece of the flop for example). So I think we can agree that calling would be pretty terrible here. Andy is 1000% right on the commitment factor here. For myself when I'm in the bb and faced with multiple weak actions (limps or min-raises...) in front of me and I have a premium hand then I want to tax their butts. So a 3x raise PLUS 1x more for each limper/min-raiser. So in this case a raise of 600,putting us well beyond the commitment point. And as Andy correctly pointed out the shove accomplishes two things:it puts max pressure on the other 3 players which increases our chances of winning the hand by either A:taking the hand down unopposed if they all fold or B: isolating this to a one on one spot. Which as it turns out is exactly what happened. 1000% correctly played IMO. And you got the scenario you wanted---HU in a dominant position versus a much weaker holding. This is what we're looking for,especially in a Turbo format where we need to get chips early. In this case we didn't get the outcome to that scenario but that doesn't make the play incorrect. It was. Keep making good decisions and the results will follow. umbup:


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        Thanks for the analysis guys. I guessed it was the best play in that situation. Just got a bit unlucky. Keeping up that kind of play hopefully the results will start to show




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