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$2 rebuy late in tourney

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  • $2 rebuy late in tourney

    this is fairly deep in tourney about 50-55 players left from memory, did i play this wrong i gave utg raise some respect and just called then it gets shoved and called and i folded, theres no real history with the players for me to determine a good read ,is this situation an instant call just in regards to the pot size? should i have been more aggressive pre flop? or is folding and wait for a better oppurtunity the correct play?

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    No room to give credit to player on UTG, TT with 11,7BB is shove shove shove. No room to call. Sometimes you could fold (having 2 all ins ahead) but this hand here... always - shove.


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      Personally I don't think you have the implied odds to just call here, OK you have pos on the initial raiser but post flop facing overcards and a cbet for most of your stack what do you do? It's a UTG raise from an unknown player and I'd find this a tough decision but I think it comes down to 3bet or fold and given your stack size I think a 3bet is a shove. With 11BB Hmmm close your eyes and strap yourself in for the ride (I think it's a shove).

      Once you call and there's a 3bet shove behind you followed by a call I like it not one jot but I think I'm still calling. The fact that the original raiser jams rather unnecessarily instead of calling hints that he might not be over keen on encouraging me to continue in the pot. Alright that's a bit thin I know but it would make me feel better about the real reason for calling. Even though I'd feel at this stage I'm likely to be behind that is one motherload of chips in the middle, enough to get me in the hunt for a sustained assault on the final table. I don't know if the maths says the risk is justified but I'm calling.

      JJ down to 88 are horrible to play in this situation so tempting yet so easily dominated. But sometimes your fairy godmother grants all your wishes, your Opps will both turn over an Ax hand (or worse) and suddenly you have a ticket to the ball.

      I don't blame you for showing caution (and doing something stupidly reckless is one of my big faults as a player) but I do think shoving here is is the right play.



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        If you are aiming to win the tourney you need to shove.
        If you want to climb the money ladder, you need to fold.
        The only way to flat call is being prepared to shove any flop and call any 3 bet.
        Good Luck


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          ***moved to HA since member has a ? about a hand JWK24***

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            Hi milehigh! The ? that I'd have is.... how much was a min cash worth? Since it was a rebuy, min cashes can be worth much, much more than one in a std tourney. Where a min cash in a regular tourney might only be a small % profit, from a rebuy, I've seen min cashes that were in the double or over double my buy-in. Another key for me here is that I don't have any reads on the opps. Due to that, I'm going to tend to give their raises more respect and be more cautious. With only 11BB left, the one move that I would not make is to call to setmine, as my stack isn't deep enough to be doing this (I typically want to have the stacks at 15BB or more to do this). I also don't want to get myself into a sticky situation like this where I'd have to call for basically all my chips into a multi-way pot, as 10's plays much better HU than multi-way. This leaves me the options of shoving or folding. If getting a cash here is going to be significantly higher than my buy-in and I have enough chips to cash, then I'm going to muck 10's here to an UTG raise since I don't have any info on the opp and can easily be dominated. Once I get ITM, then I'll be looking to shove the first decent hand that I have in order to try to chip up for a deep run. If that is not the case, I'm going to immediately shove my 10's and hope to be in a HU pot in a race. When I'm in this type of spot with a marginal made hand, I want to be the first to be able to shove... so that the pressure will be on the opponent, instead of on me. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner



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