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25c/45man (none turbo) AK

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  • 25c/45man (none turbo) AK

    villian unknown, should I have raised more PF? too deep to shove? first hand posted so apologies if it goes wrong

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    To your first query,should you have raised more,I would have to ask if is your standard raise.

    If so then I would bump that up a little,to 3x,and then dial it back down when the antes come out and the blinds are a more significant portion of our stack. Do NOT adjust your pre-flop raises to the quality of your holdings of course.

    If at the time you made this play WAS your standard raise then that's OK. Always raise your standard amount as deviating from that by hand strength is such an obvious read that even players of this level are capable of tipping to it. If you are going to adjust your pre-flop raise sizing do it by position instead.

    Second question---yes,you are easily too deep to just open shove here. Open shoving gives away any skill advantage you may have on your opps and leaves everything to the turn of the cards should someone call you. If you are better than the players you're up against that's basically you punting your skill edge. You should never be doing that unless you're so short that you really have no choice.

    At the .25 levels in these 45 man's I know from experience that there are tons of players that will defend their BB with pretty much any two cards so I like your shutting it down after he comes over top of your c-bet. And I'm really OK with the c-bet as're making a play to take the pot down,you're finding out where you likely are in the hand (when he comes over the top all you CAN beat is a bluff at this point so without a specific read this becomes an easy fold IMO...) and by finding out where you probably are NOW instead of checking your option you may very well save yourself a bigger loss later in the hand.

    Outside of maybe tweaking your pre-flop raise at this stage of the tourney up to 3x (and that's a nit-picky point really...) I think you're line here was fine. Just not the result you wanted is all and that part of the equation is out of your hands.


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      Hi jonny9691! With AK from UTG, I'm going to make my std raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper, so I'll raise to 450. I'll do this so that I'm making the exact same raise with any hand that I'm going to play, which will keep the opps guessing as to the cards that I have. The flop brings three undercards and the opp checks to me. Here is where a read on the opp would come into play. If the opp is very aggressive and has been raising, then I'll check behind and hope to hit an A or K on the turn. If the opp has been playing passively and not raising much, then I'll make my std continuation bet of 1/2 pot here. When the opp shoves over me, it's an easy muck for me, as all that I have is ace high. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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