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How profitably grind $0.10 turbo's.

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  • How profitably grind $0.10 turbo's.

    So you can congratulate me! Yesterday I won my first $0.10 turbo and today I finished 6th place. So far I've gotten to the final table three times and in the money quite a lot.

    So my flow/method for beating $0.10 is I play five turbos everyday regardless whether I win or lose then I call it a day and do it again tomorrow. Through out my grind I realized If you're playing properly meaning playing like a pro and making all the right decisions then once every 6 games you should win or at least get in the top three. Once every 5 games you should be able to get to the final table or at least make it in the money. If this isn't happening then you're either on a bad streak with running bad cards or you're not playing profitably.

    How to play:

    The $0.10 turbo's are mostly a shove/fold game considering most of the time you'll have about a 12-18bb stack. Until the last three players are left where then you have some wiggle room for post flop play. Now I've come up with a chart that I believe is accurate but there's always wiggle room depending on the situation and flow of the game. Nothing is set to stone.

    Basic chart for shoving:

    UTG: AQo, 99+
    UTG+1: AJo+, KQs+, 77+
    UTG+2: AT+, KQo, 55+
    Middle: A9s+,KQo, 22+.
    HJ: A2s+, KJo, 22+
    Cutoff: A5o+, K6o, 22+
    Button: A2o+, QJo. 22+
    SB: Most of the time you're restealing in this position but most of the time u don't get the opportunity so I can't give u an accurate range.
    BB: same as SB.

    The chart might be in accurate so please post your comments and suggestions so that others can discuss about them.
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    Hey Andrei

    I play those tourneys too! I usually do quite well though I've never won it. I also play the 10 and 20 FPP MTTs and do quite well in those. I've just worked through the SnG and MTT courses in the School and found the charts concerning correct preflop hand selection. I started using them and have found my results getting worse!!
    Maybe it's just a bad run,but I thought that maybe the charts are aimed at tourneys with a certain structure and maybe they should be adjusted if you're playing a turbo...
    Then I saw your chart and saw that that's what you have done so I'm going to try yours... Do you use the same chart for big turbo MTT's (if you play them)?

    Congrats on your win, hope you get many more! See ya on the tables!


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      Well, I don't play big turbo's but I believe they should work there as well. But as u get closer the final table there's some whiggle room for postflop play so don't get carried away.


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        I just played 5 of these, cashed twice, one FT, was 7th of 9 when I bust shoving AK early position Which proves you have to be aggressive and get lucky to win these things! - (I don't call this a bad beat - opp has about 37% equity preflop against my actual hand, which as I am short could be much wider range - and they folded out the table with aggression, though that was risky - I would not reraise or shove that hand myself from that position with so many big stack opps behind and no real reads) I play these more for fun and practice, and specifically to use up odd bits of T-money that I can't take to the cash tables. For instance I play FPP tourneys to the $2.22 Splash, take the T-money and play the $2.20 Storm Sattys, after 5 of those the 5x2cents sit in my T-money account so it is either the $0.10 ($50 added) MTT which are not always convenient times, or fire up the next $0.10 360 man turbo sitngo. Your chart looks reasonable - I don't stick to a chart and although reads are less important I would not discount them totally - I find position is even more important in my decisions to go with small pairs or suited/unsuited Ax type hands - and I rarely play lower than broadway suited connecters. You either get multiple callers or overbet shoves and stack to blind ratios are too low to play post-flop. I would not grind these for profit unless it was necessary - even though they are quick to play and reload and I could multitable them - I would rather move up pretty quickly as soon as I had a dollar or two. I will be grinding from zero base agin in September so these will be a part of the equation but I don't see the time and effort being worth it - they are a good training ground though and I would say if you are getting a roll from freerolls and WR2 etc not a bad place to spend the first few min cashes and get a few tourneys under your belt. I would have to question your stats though - win (or make top 3) 1 in 6 times is a big ask in a 360 field that pays top 10% (and top 3 is top 0.8%) Given the pay-out structure I would be happy to cash 1 in 10and WIN 1 in 30. Good luck - If you are still on these in August / September I might see you at these tables. Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
        4 Time Bracelet Winner



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