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Alo alo.. calling

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  • Alo alo.. calling

    Was there any way to extract more value from this? Jus wondering.. Comments please and thanks for readingumbup:
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    Hi wikked76! What type of tourney is this from? cash or league? Were you already ITM? How were each of the opps playing that could be involved in the hand? Loose? Tight? Passive? Aggressive? The answers to each of these questions is critical information in determining what to do. If it is in a league game, where I need to be extra cautious, I'm going to flat with 55 preflop. When I miss the flop and someone else bets, I'm mucking and saving my chips to be able to get more league points. If this was a cash game, then it will depend on how the opps were acting as to whether I'd flat or raise. Almost all of the time I'll flat and see the flop. If I did raise, it will be a std raise, which for me at this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. Due to this, I'll raise to 3.5BB or 875. Standard raises help to conceal the strength of my hand and will help to keep the opponents guessing as to what cards I'm playing. The flop totally misses me and the first opp leads into me for a min bet. With multiple opps in the hand, my small pocket pair will most likely not be the best hand. Due to this, I"m mucking the flop. Even if I called the flop bet, when there is another bet on the turn that brings another overcard, I'm mucking to any bet on the turn. In almost every case I'm flatting preflop here, then mucking on the flop when I don't hit a 5. Even if I raise preflop, when I don't get a 5, I'm mucking the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      As usual, your advise and comments were most helpful.. Managed to cash in the big 2.20 earlier today (for once I din jus min cash, 147th, woohoo!! not bragging or anything) Thanks again John!umbup:
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