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And thats how you bust another Big 4.40

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  • And thats how you bust another Big 4.40

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    So the story goes.. Din have much read on the villain that went to showdown (the one that called T4s pre-flop). Anyways, morale of the story is bust the tourney, go grind some cash at micros, and get back the cash in 10-14 mins?? (Got in the tourney thru a satty tho) But seriously, I reckon I made the "correct" move pre by trying to squeeze and maybe the correct call on the flop? Comments and criticisms are most welcome!
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    Pre-flop actions in order preference:
    Fold -- Facing an all-in and a min 3-bet with two callers I don't like my chances here. I have to hit this hand twice to be happy with the flop.

    Call -- See a flop for about 8% of your stack may be worth with it this many in the pot.

    Raise big -- See if you can get heads-up with the all-in who should be on a wide range. The chance of getting 3 folds in small I would think so its very very read dependent. If the 3-bettor calls one or both may follow, a very bad situation. And you may get 5-bet if the min raiser has a real hand.

    Raise small -- Of all the choices this is by far the worst. All you are doing is inflating the pot with a weak hand.


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      Hi wikked76! With KQ on the button and a shove, a 4-bet and 2 flats of a 4-bet, I'm mucking KQ here. KQ plays much better against less people and I'd rather save my chips for a deeper run in the tourney. I don't want to get my chips into a very marginal situaiton where I many not have the best hand. If I did want to try a play here, then I'd need to bet enough that will price out all but the one player already all-in. To do so, I'd want to raise much more than what's in the pot (basically shove) and I would only want to do so if I knew that the other opps would fold. If I knew they'd call, I would not want to try anything here. Small raises with this many in the pot will bloat the pot and entice the opps to call.... which I would want them to fold with a marginal hand like KQ. I'll muck KQ preflop and look for a spot with less opps in the pot or with a much better hand. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Hey guys, many thanks for the comments and analysis. Yeah, I guess I shudda mucked pre wif KQo, my plan was to steal preflop but overplayed the hand. Got burned this time but hopefully the last Anyways GL at the felt(s)umbup:
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