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$1 45ppl sng-aj v 66 4ppl left

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  • $1 45ppl sng-aj v 66 4ppl left

    hi guys, i have again put my self out with aj, i had all ready ranged my opp of having mid pair he would likely to do this with a mid pair to protect, is it the right thing to do to call in this situation or should i have mucked,

    the opp hit something like 8 all ins a row against me to come back from 500 chips lol

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    Ace, the opponent appears to have tilted you. There is no need for you for raise pre so large and in these $.25 games a min raise/fold is a much better play. Here's why! You have to look to trap this fool later on. Your aggression is good and can be done with many different hands depending on the dynamics of the other 2 players.
    There is absolutely no need here to raise that much pre as all you are telling me is that I want to take it down pre and don't want a caller so with 66 I am jamming it in your face, high 5'ing the screen and saying eat it *****
    You are at best 65/35 fav if he is playing 85% of his range which I doubt he is and you can set him up later on with a much better hand.

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      Hi holdemace! With AJs at this blind level, I'll make my standard open, which is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. With no limpers, I'll raise to 2k. I want to keep all of my raises standard to keep the opp guessing as to what I may have and also because I do not want to bloat a pot preflop in a hand that I may have to play out of position without a made hand. The opp from the SB then shoves. How has this player been playing? Are they continually shoving? Have they shown down made hands? Were they playing tight or loose? All of these questions need to be answered to give a correct determination of what to do, as they are needed to determine the opp's range. To call, I would need to put 16512 into a pot that would be 40424 (40.8%). Now is where the read info comes in, as I need to see what AJ hearts has in equity against the opp's range. If the opp is playing a top 20% hand, then I have 57% equity. If the opp is playing a top 10% hand, then I have 46.3% equity. If the opp is playing extremely tight, say a top 5% hand, then I have 36.9% equity. This may be a call, it may be a fold.... and it will depend on how the opp is playing. If the opp would shove anything wider than a top 7% hand (breakeven EV as both the pot and hand eqities are 40.8%), then it's a call. If they're playing tighter, then it's a fold. I'd have made a much smaller standard raise preflop here, then based whether or not to call the opp's shove on my read of how they were playing (info not provided). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        thx for the advice guys, it was a $1 sng i know that has no bearing on the analysis thx



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