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  • Thought Process?

    I had about 30bb, the tourny avg. was 19bb. was itm a min cash so far. Had seen villain shove flop before with bottom pair and a draw on separate occasions. So i am thinking in light of that would a call be correct here? I have middle pair and drawing to OESD to nut straight. If I call and double up stand a fairly decent chance of going quite deep, call and lose then out.

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    Hi DiveAllIn! With KJ, from mid position at a point in the tourney when the lower stacks are looking to chip up, I'm going to muck here and look for either a better hand or one that I can play in position. If I did play KJ, then I would want to make a std open raise with it preflop. The flop gives me second pair and an OESD. Especially with an opp that is known to chase, I'd want to make a c-bet here of 1/2 pot. The opp now shoves over the c-bet. To call the shove would cost me 51369 into a pot that would be 133938 (38.4%). Now I need to see with this board, my hand and the opp's range.... what my hand equity is. Based on the read that the opp had previously called with all draws or made pairs or better, I'll use that as their range (88+,A8s+,K8s+,Q8s+,J8s+,T8s+,98s,87s,A8o+,K8o+,Q8 o+,J8o+,T8o+,98o,87o). Against that range, I've got 56.3% equity. Since this is higher than the pot equity that I have to put in to call the shove, as long as my read info is correct, then I will call the opp's shove here. If I win, I go deep in the tourney, if I lose, I still have a +ROI from it too. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      ty John, I was not thinking about the shorter stacks pre, sometime to keep in mind for the future.



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