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$1.50 STT: AQo 15/30 Double Paired Board

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  • $1.50 STT: AQo 15/30 Double Paired Board

    Villain was playing 32/10 over 19 hands. Preflop: Raise to 3bb + 1bb for the limper. Flop: I opted to cbet. The villain was seeing lots of flops, he seemed to just go away if he hit nothing. If he 3 bets he probably has my middle pair beat and I'm going to fold. Is it okay to cbet here? If so, is my bet sizing okay? Turn: After he calls the flop I'm putting him on 9x, Qx and/or a draw. The 9 comes on the turn which may improve him and the pot was already kind of bloated compared to my stack size so I checked. If I bet I figured I'm only getting called by better and folding out worse and I'm going to be pot commited if I'm called. River: After he checks back the turn and the river comes K I'm putting him on a missed draw. I thought he might bet and try and take it away from me if I check, so I bet. In hindsight I'm really unsure about this river play.
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    Hi Embrangle! With AQo, I would make a std preflop raise in this situation, to 3BB+1BB for each limper. Unfortunately, it's the button that calls, so that means that I have to play the rest of the hand out of position. The flop gives me second pair/top kicker, but has a possible flush draw, straight draw or even a possible made straight. With the opp playing a top 32% hand, there are many combinations that could have hit this board or hands that would have very strong draws. My normal c-bet is 1/2 pot, but in a situation like this, with possible combiniation draws, I'll be more. With one opp in the pot, I'll bet between 2/3 and 3/4 pot. The opp calls the bet, so I may or may not be ahead in the hand as of now. The turn pairs the board, so now I'm also behind any 9. I'm going to check the turn here both for pot control and also because I'm not sure that I'm ahead in the hand. The river brings a 2nd K to the board. This is where a read on the opp would come into play for me. If the opp was passive and could easily check behind, I'd opt to check the river and get to showdown. If the opp was playing aggressively and would try to bluff me if I checked again, then I'd want to make a smaller bet than my normal (1/2 pot) to use both for value and as a blocking bet against a bluff. When I'm in this situation, I tend to opt for a 1/3 pot bet. I don't want to make too large of a bet on the river, as with the opp playing a top 32% hand, there are a number of K's or 9's in their range and I'm beat by any K or 9. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks John.

      I guess I didn't play it too badly then. On the river I was torn between betting and checking, I only had 19 hands on him at the time so had no solid reads but he was neither super aggressive or super passive. After he called my river bet he showed A9.


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        I thought you played it well but having said that I don't think I'd ve bet the River. I'm quite nitty early in an STT and as soon as the King comes I'm thinking that I still have a decent stack left behind, I don't think I'm beating anything he can call with and if he wants to bluff me on a board like that then let him. Next time I'll have a hand and get all his chips (hopefully).



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