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did i do wrong

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  • did i do wrong

    *****Moved To appropriate Forum*****

    Hi just a quick question I was in a tornement with 350 people, I got down to last 25 and was 3rd chip leader. It was my big blind of 4000 and was dealt Kd Jh. Everyone folded except the button and small blind so I put in a 10,000 raise. The button called and small blind folded.

    The flop came has Kh 10h Js = so i raised 20,000 to be called by the button. I reconed he was fishing for something hed played like that all day (fishing) The turn card came Qh so I pushed all in my odds looked good a possible flush, straight, top 2 pair, yes you got it to be called by the fish he was all in. He turned over Ah 5d waiting for the river card to be called, players on the table were saying the fish shouldnt have been in pot. You guessed it the river was 8h. I lost 74,000 chips Did I Play The Hand Wrong

    Your comments would be much appriciated has it is bugging me
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    Hi 52 Willie.

    Welcome to PokerSchoolonline.

    This link will show you where to find all the great features available to members.

    Hope you enjoy your stay, and good luck at the tables.




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      Hi Willie,

      It's a little hard to tell sometimes without seeing the action and stacks in the replayer. But your play looks good to me.

      I assume the button & SB limped into your BB. in which case I like the raise to either win the pot there or isolate one of the weaker players with a reasonable strong hand.

      I also like leading the flop. Preflop limp callers are unlikely to be doing their own betting or bluffing on the flop, but more than likely to make bad calls like in this occassion.

      Turn is obviously a scary card. But I think the pot is too big at this point to fold. I don't mind just putting it in here since we should have a ton of outs even if behind as long as he doesn't have the Ah

      If the player is very passive we could possible just check and hope to get to show down or hit our flush otherwise fold to a big river bet. But even a passive player will probably bet a straight.

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