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Right thing to do?

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  • Right thing to do?

    So this is a 45 man $1 SnG. The blind levels are 75/150 and I have 16 BB left. The action is folded to me so I min raise 300. The BB calls me and we see a flop. The BB checks to me so at this point my thinking is 1.) He's called my original raise so unless is slowplaying I dont think he has a big pair or AK stuff like that. 2.) When the flop comes he checks to me, so again unless he is slowplaying a set or big overpair I still think I'm ahead of his BB range, although there is now a flush draw aswell. Bearing this is mind my thinking is to bet about 3/4 of the pot, this will tell me were I'm at with regards to wether I'm ahead or not and also get the BB to fold any draws. The BB calls me however and we see the turn card, although obviously this is a great card for me, the BB called my post flop bet and now on the turn bets into me for 450 I'm starting to think that it's a stone cold bluff or he has me crushed!! From this point on(from the turn) I really need help on how to play hands like these, should I have folded when he bet the turn?? I decided to shove the rest of my chips in but I dont know wether this was a bad mistake?? I know I only had top pair but the way the betting went, I was sure I had the best hand at least before the turn anyway. Anyway, here is the hand in question for all the great PSO members to go over, any advice or feedback would be much appreciated guys. umbup:

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    preflop min raise not good to be honest you gave him 3-1 pot odds to call atc, and the bb had a hand and was never going to fold for min raise

    the flop comes and the opp checks, you cbet and the opp calls that has got overpair/overcards to the board or draws written all over it.

    The turn not a good card for you,gives the opp extra outs he was never going to fold to a shove with that much commited and super strong draws.

    You sore top pair but this was on a really wet board, all sorts of possibilities and combos on it.
    See the possibilities and not just your own hand, a better player may of folded to the shove but at micros well what can i say, you will get called always with that board and a conservative approach sometimes works better.

    IT was actually a good sove on the turn to protect your hand, however you should of realised the danger of the board and asked yourself do u think the opp would fold? or will he call you and try for suckouts.

    LOok more into watching the opps and not the cards would be my advise to you,and work out there outs not just your own if you have ranged them.


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      Hi seancoppo! With AQ preflop, I'll make my std raise, which for this level is to 3BB+1BB for each limper, so I'll raise to 450. The flop brings all undercards with two diamonds and the opp checks. In this situation, I'll make a c-bet and I want to size the bet so that I price out any of the available draws (flush/straight). By making a std bet here of 1/2 pot (338) that prices out the draws, the opp won't know whether or not I've got a made hand, as I'll make the same bet whether I hit the flop or not. If there are more opps in the hand, then I would need to bet more to price out the draws, but HU with a flush draw, 1/2 pot will price out the draw. The turn brings a Q, so I now have top pair and the opp leads into me for 450. This small of a bet prices in a flush draw, so I would want to raise here to again price out the diamond draw. A std raise here would be well over 1/2 my remaining chips, so I'm going to shove the turn. Yes, the opp could have two pair or a set or a draw, but I'll take that chance here. I want to be playing pots like this and it is a good example of why good bankroll management is necessary. Unfortunately, the opp hits the flush on the river. Preflop, I would not discount AK or a pair with an opp here. Yes, most opps would 3-bet them, but I've seen plenty of opponents that will just call a raise. Due to this, I definitely would leave AK and pairs in the opp's range. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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