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Trouble with Queens.

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  • Trouble with Queens.

    I'm on one of those runs at the moment. The last five or six times I've picked up Queens BINK there's the Ace (or King) on the flop. WALLOP, there's the villain so determined to get his chips in the middle it makes me wonder if he's suddenly become allergic to them. I've tried betting big, I've tried betting small but these people just seem determined to give me a hard time! $3.50 STT SNG. Seriously the Opp in this case is playing 20/17 over 105 hands. He does not, however, like folding the flop with a flop fold stat of 0 (admittedly the sample for this is small). I've been playing 11/9 in this game (pretty tight I think) I did make a fairly big lay down on the turn against the big stack a few hands previously. Was there anyway I could've called this River or was it a clear fold? Rob.

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    Hi Rob! With QQ on the button, when it's folded around to me, I'll make my std raise, to 3BB+1BB for each limper. With no limpers in front of me, I'll raise to 450. I keep my raises standard, as it helps to keep the opponents guessing as to what cards I'm playing. I'll make the same raise with AA, 33, AK, 78s or even a bluff with air, say 27o. Without being able to see my opponents online, like I can live, one thing that I'm always looking for are bet size tells... and I'll take full advantage of them anytime that I see them. The flop brings an overcard and underpair, so now any A or 6 or KK beats me and there is also a diamond flush draw. The opp checks to me and even though the opp has been calling all of the flop bets, I want to make a value bet and size it high enough that if the opp has diamonds, they are making a -EV draw. To do this, I'll bet 1/2 pot (420). By betting the flop, this can also give me an advantage since I'm in position, as if the opp checks the turn, I will have the option of checking behind and seeing the river card for free. If the opp calls the flop bet (which probably will happen based on the read), then I would not want to call a turn/river bet that would not help me. I'd hope that by betting the flop that they would check to me on the turn, so I could check behind and see the river. A bet on the turn would normally be something that was ahead of me, especially if the opp was playing 11/9, so I would not want to give up any more chips to see the river because I most likely only have 2 outs, so any bet over 4% of the pot prices me out and makes it a -EV draw for me. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      It was me that was playing 11/9 he was playing 20/17. But I take the point; should've cbet.


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        c/bet flop around 60%-75% to have an idea what your opp have instead of check calling the turn

        if you are calling around 500 on the turn why not betting it yourself on the flop, you can easily represent an Ace because your the initial raiser

        if he called you can give up on the turn bet or river bet



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