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Was this a bad play???

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  • Was this a bad play???

    So this was early stages in a $1 SnG 45 man. The blind levels where 10/20. To be honest it was probably a mistake to raise, dont really know what my thought process was, maybe because I was in MP and everyone had limped to me, who knows?!?! But anyway the flop comes and I hit top pair, I think the bet I made post flop was ok, but I'm unsure wether I should have bet the turn, or just slowed down for pot control. All in all, I think I played this hand pretty terrible. That being said, is their any advice on maybe if I could of played the hand differently or should I have just done the sensible thing and folded pre flop?? Thanks guys.umbup:

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    Hi seancoppo! With this being the first level of a 45-man, I'm going to play much more conservative than I would later in the tourney and muck KQ from mid position. If I was on the button or cutoff, I would play it, especially if it was folded around to me, but since the maniacs and calling stations are all still in and I could easily be out of position to them.. I'll muck preflop. Although, if I did want to play it, I would make my std raise (3BB+1BB for each limper). The flop gives me top pair/2nd kicker, but also has a flush draw. With 5 opps in, there is no way possible for me to price all of them out of a draw to the flush. Due to this, I'll make my std c-bet here of 1/2 pot (195). I'm making the bet for value and to try and thin the field and get one caller that I have position on, which is a plus. Here, I also want to keep my bets standard. If I could price out the opp's possible draws, then I'd bet more, but without being able to do that (too many players in the hand), I'll make my std bet for if I was up against one opp. Betting more here would also bloat the pot when I'm not sure that I have the best hand. The turn 10 should only help someone that has 10x and now has 2 pair. The opp checks and this is a great situation for me to use pot control and check behind. It's early in the tourney and since I don't know if I have the best hand or not, I'll check and re-evaluate after the river. If the river hits a card that could have hit the opp's range, then I'll call a small bet and get to showdown, or muck to a large bet. If the opp checks, then with my pair of Q's, I'll check behind since my hand does have showdown value. Early in a tourney, I want to be much more patient and not to get my chips in unless I know that I have the best hand. This will let me get deeper into the tourneys and have a better chance at getting ITM and taking down the tourney. Unnecessary risks with marginal hands will normally get me KO'd from tourneys much earier and will cost me $$ in the long run... so I want to avoid this whenever possible. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks for the advice John, I knew I should of folded to be honest, I dont know what I was thinking. I tend to have what I like to call 'Mad Half Hours' where my head goes a little bit. These are definetly aspects of my game which I'm trying to improve and hopefully with a bit more experience will do. umbup:



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