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Did I completely screw this up??

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  • Did I completely screw this up??

    First off, I still can't figure out how to put anything in the Hand Replayer Description field. I click on it, it turns blue then I can't seem to enter any text. Anyway, this hand is from the 100K Depositor Freeroll. There were 19503 players and I busted out on this hand in 179 place. I am essentially a stranger to big tournaments, I play SNG mainly so I was completely out of my depth here. I'm guessing either I should not have played this hand at all given my starting hand, position, and also the fact that the villain here had just lost HALF of his stack on the prior hand to someone else and has position on me. Thanks, Dan

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    First question would be what is the table playing like? your raise has to get though 6 people or you need to hit Gin on the flop (KQT rainbow)

    then what was you image at this table?

    You are out of position with a hand that could get you in trouble if you flop an A. But if a 3x raise here is likely to get you the blinds then its worth it. but what is your plan for if you are called or worse raised?

    on the flop what do you put the villian on?

    just some thoughts (questions i tend to ask myself after i put myself in exactly this position)

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      Hey Dan! The largest difference between a big MTT compared to a sng is that I need to be much more patient in the MTT. With the many, many added players, they will be busting out faster, so I'm not going to be in a hurry to accumulate chips and also that I will climb the pay ladder quicker once I get ITM, as players don't necessarily have to bust at my table... they can bust and move me up at any table still left in the tourney. Patience and position in them is a very large keys (moreso than a sng). With AJ from MP1, unless the table was being very tight and folding much more than normal, then I'm going to muck this preflop. I've got over 30BB and I don't want to get into a sticky situation where I'm playing the hand out of position. If I did play the hand, I'd make my std raise for this level, to 2.2BB+1BB for each limper. I lower my opening raise amounts as the blinds go up (start at 3BB, then lower to 2.5BB at 100/200, then lower to 2.2BB at 1k/2k). Unfortunately, the button is the one to call and I'm now playing the rest of the hand out of postion. The flop gives me top pair, but this is a VERY scary board with three broadway spades. Yes, I have top pair and a gutshot straight draw, but there could be a made straight already, multiple combinations of two pair and also a made flush or at least a flush draw. I like making c-bets when I raise preflop, but this is one board that I would check, as there are way too many things that can beat my hand here. If I had the Q or even the J of spades, then I'd c-bet, but without two pair or at least a flush draw as a backup plan, I'll check. The other reason that I wouldn't c-bet here is that if the opp doesn't already have me beat, they could easily have a combo draw... that I can't price out regardless. If the opp makes any sizable bet on the flop, I'd muck. The turn is a blank and I'll follow the same plan as the flop. Check and possibly call a very small bet, but muck to a larger bet. The river pairs the board. This is really a bad card for me, as now, instead of just a flush or straight, I now have to worry about a full house. Also, if the opp has Ax, I now only get a split and not the full pot. I'll do the same thing here. Check and call a very small bet, but muck to a larger bet. I don't want to be having to call or make larger bets when I don't know that I have the best hand. With a board like this, AJ will most likely be behind and I don't want to risk my chips on a marginal hand... especially when I have a playable stack that can make me last much longer in the tourney. The hand that was turned over by the opp surprised me (unless he was a total calling station that was lucky to make it this far into the tourney).... and if so, then when a calling station all of a sudden shoves, they've got a made hand basically every single time. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.



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