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River fold.

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  • River fold.

    I've been trying not to make stupid calls recently as, along with tilt, this is definitely a big leak in my game (the two skip merrily hand in hand through my poker life). I'm not sure about this one though. The questions in my mind are 1) should I have folded the turn? And 2) Given that I didn't and that I made a blocking bet on the River was I pot committed (Should I have just shoved and prayed instead?) We are on the Bubble in a $3.50 STT SNG. The Opp has been playing a typical TAG style but has recently opened up his starting range somewhat. Through most of this game I've been looking like a bit of a shove monkey. I've had pocket Kings five times A K a couple of times and Q Q once so I've been rasing a lot but not always getting called. But an observant Opp would have noticed that I have been folding sticky situations post flop. I am not sure how observant this Opp is. That HURTS.

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    Hi Rob! Other's reads on us is good information to be able to take advantage of. If an opp thinks that I'm playing wider than I should, then I'll look to trap them with made hands. With 77 in the BB with a raise and a flat in front of me, I'd like to setmine here and will call. The flop gives me middle set, but there is a flush draw. The first opp checks to me and I now need to make a bet that will price out both opps from drawing at a flush (and get value from Ax). I'd normally bet 3/4 pot here, just incase someone has Ax of spades... but... this is 1/3 my stack, which makes me pot committed. Due to this, I'll shove the flop. Any bet smaller than this would make the opp's draw a +EV play and since I should have the best hand here, I want to bet enough to make the opp have a -EV draw. Also, if the opp does hit a flush on me, I'll have 7 outs to improve on the turn and 10 outs to improve on the river. Being looked at by others as a shove monkey might actually work to my advantage here too, as they could call me lighter and let me win the pot more often. It also won't let the opp have a chance to bluff me out of the pot with Ax (a hand that I'm ahead of). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks John,
      I immediately felt that I'd misplayed this hand I think that on the flop I got caught between trying to fold out the flush draws and trying to keep in the Ax hands. In the end I made a rather weak bet That left me OOP and in a nasty spot.
      I guess I should've shut down on the River by then I was pretty well convinced that he'd hit his flush. If he made that shove with Ax then he has balls the size of spacehoppers and he deserves the chips.



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