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How to play the turn??

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  • How to play the turn??

    Hey, I just figured out the hand replayer and forgot the Description, sorry, and can't seem to find a way to edit it once it's in. Anyway, I don't know anything really about this guy, given how early it was but I didn't like how the board was developing. So my question is: Did I play the turn correctly or should I have done something else? Thanks, Dan

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    Hi danrt! What type of tourney is this from? If this is a cash tourney: Preflop this early, with 33 from the SB, I'll complete and hope to setmine. The flop gives me a set, but also puts a flush draw on the board. With 4 opps in the pot, if they all stay, I cannot price out all of the flush draws. Due to this, I'll make a pot-sized bet here, as this will price out as many opps as I can for the lowest price. The turn is a card that should be a blank. Since there is only one opp left, I'll make a 3/4 pot bet. This will price out even a flush/OESD (incase they have 45 spades). Obviously, since an open-ended draw is priced out.... a gutshot is also priced out. When the opp shoves over me, I'm going to call here everytime and hope that the opp didn't have 88. If this is a league tourney: Preflop, I'll still complete and see the flop. On the flop, I'm going to be more conservative and only bet 2/3 pot. I can still price some out, but I'm using pot control and saving chips. I'd do this because the key to the league games is to not take chances and to last as long as possible. On the turn, I'll discount pricing out the combo draw (to once again save chips) and bet 1/2 pot. This will price out the flush draw and if the opp's still there, they're proably calling anything. If the opp shoves, then I'm in a real tough spot. I most likely have the best hand but they would have draws at me and I really don't want to get my chips in unless I'm sure that I would have the best hand after all 5 cards are on the board. I'd base my decisions on anything that I have for a read on the opp.. and could even find a fold here, especially later in the month, as the point penalty for an early exit is so much. By using some pot control early, I'd hope that I could see the river before I had to put all my chips in. If I did see the made full house on the river, then I'll take my chances. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Sorry, it was a $3.50 single-table KO SNG


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        I Think it was fine. You can't hang about in an STT 'coz you haven't got the theoretical nuts.

        I was a bit surprised with the slight overbet on the turn as I would personally have worried about chasing away all those top pair / two pair type hands that I'd want to be trying to get pot committed at this stage. But then again some opponents see overbets as weakness and this was obviously one of those.

        I must make a note of his name.




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