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Tournament poker is so much fun

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  • Tournament poker is so much fun

    Given that I make a huge three bet preflop and get two callers I intended to push any flop, this particular flop is obviously bad but given the action I thought they would have high card hands or big pairs. Jack ten is a fun surprise. What could I do differently? I am not check folding the flop, I'm not betting half pot and folding... perhaps I should have mucked preflop. Seriously though, is there anything I can do here?

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    Hi hamburglarid! What type of tourney is this from? A cash tourney or a league game? If it's a cash tourney, with KK, I'm going to make a 3-bet preflop with KK and I'd size it between a pot size raise and 3X the previous bet. Since there was a caller of the initial raise, I'll opt toward the higher end and raise to 575. The flop does not bring a pair nor an ace, so since I've got just over a pot size bet left, I'm shoving the flop. Just incase I lose the hand, this is a good example of why bankroll management is so important.... I want my chips to be in the pot in this type of situation. If this is a league game: Preflop with a limp, raise and call of the raise in front of me, since it's early and I don't want to get ko'd for negative points, I'm flatting the std raise to 160 since I'm out of position. The flop brings the three unders and here I'll lead for 1/2 pot and if the opp shoves over me, I'm mucking. If the opps call and I see the J on the turn (so that any 10 beats me, let alone 2 pair or a set), I'm check/folding. Survival and not getting negative league points is my only concern... not taking a risk to get a larger chip stack. Especially in a league game, I don't want to be stuck to a hand. If the situation arises that I need to muck, I should be ready to muck any cards that I'm holding, even aces. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      It is a cash tournament. I 3 bet large because there is a 4x raise and a call and I'm out of position. I was hoping to take down the pot or get it in preflop.



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