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The right play????

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  • The right play????

    So this hand was in a $1.10 MTT. We were in early stages of the tourney, blinds of 15/30. Because it was in the early stages of the tourney I didnt have any reads on my opponents. I think I played the hand well, if I was to pick a couple of faults, here goes, 1.) I think pre-flop with the the blinds being so low, I could of maybe got away from my pocket fives after I was re-raised. 2.) Post-flop I could of raised with my set instead of checking and trying to slowplay. When the turn came and I filled up, personally I cant get away from this hand, whatever river card comes.

    Just wanted to see if you guys think this was the right play?? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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    For what it's worth I would've played the hand pretty much the same. I think that raising the flop would probably have led to the same result unless you managed to scare him off on the turn, in which case you would have been kicking yourself for scaring him off on the turn. Only an idiot or a psychic could've got away from the River.
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      Hi Sean,

      I think the preflop play is fine, no problem opening here and certainly am calling the 3b, he 3b too small and gave you a correct price to try and flop a set.

      The flop I don't care for checking as a slow play, I think we should be betting here and trying to get some money into the pot. It's 4 handed in a 3b pot so there's a reasonable chance someone has an ace. The preflop 3-bettor probably has a pocket pair since he checked the ace, but he's unlikely to fold it to a single bet, particularly if you make it enticing enough to call... so I would bet something like 280 here. This should be small enough to draw a call from TT-KK, and the lower his pair gets the more we want to get this call now as there's more scary turn cards for him. If the preflop 3-bettor is a huge fish we can probably bet more and still get action from these 2 out hands.

      Turn and river are fine imo. His play with 88 is pretty terrible, gross river.

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        Thanks Dave, I thought maybe I should of bet post flop!! I totally agree about the villian, he played his 88 horrible, just got the luck on the river, but it happens every now and again, and I'm not really 1 for moaning about it. Thanks for the advice anyway, keep up all the good work man, this site is really cool, I've learnt lots of stuff through your videos and look forward to learning loads more!! umbup:



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