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AJ in CO

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  • AJ in CO

    £20+5 MTT - 99 entrants, top 10 paid (6th = £100, 1st = £740).

    We have just shrunk to 3 tables - 24 player remaining and average chips is around 60k.

    Blinds are 2k/4k/500 and will shortly become 2.5k/5k/500.

    I have 60k in chips, both players to my left have ~30k and the player 3 to my left has ~80k.

    No reads on any of the players involved - this is the third hand at the table.

    The last hand, it folded to me on the button, and I shoved, putting the two shorter stacks all-in - I wanted to bully and take the 10k pot. BB called with A-10 and I had Q7. Board came 99933 for a split.

    Next hand, it folds to me in cutoff with AJo. What do you do?

    What I did:

    I shoved again. The reason being that I could get called by much worse, especially from the two shorter stacks. The BB (has ~80k) would need a big hand to call as it is essentially for his tournament life.

    Is my shove the correct play? I could make a raise to 9-10k, but would struggle to fold to a shove, even from the BB.

    What happened:

    Action folded to the BB who called with QQ. I didnt hit and was eliminated in 23rd place.

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    I’d’ve shoved but that’s not necessarily a good recommendation.


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      Hi jamesthefish, AJo on the cut off with a 12 big blind stack is an awesome spot for a shove! Reason 1 because we dont often get much credit for having a good hand so the likelyhood of a worse hand calling is huge. Reason 2 is that we just jammed the Q7 on the button and got looked up, so the likelyhood of being called by worse has now increased dramatically. So the best play is to shove all in, we are never folding a hand as strong as AJ in the cut off with only 12 big blinds, and given the reasons I have given above it makes this a fistpump shove. As a rule of thumb we never want to raise and then fold with a stack less than 18 big blinds... their are of course some exceptions. I Hope this helped, the BB waking up with QQ is just a cooler. Better luck next time umbup:



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