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Monster flop with AA FT

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  • Monster flop with AA FT

    Did I play this hand right I've also got my winning hand from the heads up with a loose agro players. I called to get mega +EV but noone seemed to have a good hand. Was this the right play.

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    This is the winning hand of the SnG got a nice $12.67 bankroll boost. Only bought in for $1 so masive +ev for me and huge confidence boost I notted that down and he was playing very loose AGRO, and I had a 2-1 chip. So I wasn't fussed if I lost


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      Congratulations on the win! Regarding your pocket rockets, If you don't normally open limp, open limping can be a tell of a big hand. If your opponents think you have AA they are going to fold hands they usually play.

      Win another one soon
      3 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Hey Magic,

        I agree with Doug on this one, but it does depend on the reads you have.

        If the players in the blinds are likely to shove over a limp, then I would limp as you did. If they are good yet relatively tight players, I would make a standard raise here. Raising from your position screams blind steal, so you will get a lot less respect from the blinds and can often induce a re-steal / loose defend, thus building the pot that extra bit.

        The problem with the limp is that it is very difficult to get any value on later streets unless the opponent hits. I guess another route would've been check the turn and pot bet the river to polarise yourself and hope hits something on the turn / river, but this can be risky in the long run.

        Good job with the tourney win - you are clearly doing the right things!



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          Hi OMagic14

          The way you play aces here is player dependant, with no reads at the table this is a spot I would like to see you raise as it does look like a steal and with the aggressive nature of poker these days we are seeing players reshove all in with marginal holdings, so I would tend to try to induce a reshove.

          Limping is fine too, before we make decisions like these we must take a moment to decide what we think is going to win us the most chips versus the player types at the table.

          As played checking the flop is pretty standard and betting turn to try and build a pot is fine.

          Keep up the good work!



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