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unreal run

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  • unreal run

    Hi guys,
    I've recently switched back to pokerstars but have never been a profitable player here. I am still 7k up with one of my other accounts and am rated 81 in MTTS by scope but have lost 2k in the last few months since a 4.4k win. There is nothing i can now do to win, i've checked and 80% of the time i put all my chips in i'm ahead, it's an unreal stat when you consider that i can't win. It's really getting to me as i don't think my play is any different, I'm making sound judgement calls and only pushing strong hands but am just getting killed on the turn or river so often it's honestly beyond a joke. I have tried to laugh it off and tried to convince myself that it will change, even changing sites back to here in an effort to change my luck but nothing is helping.... should I just give up or has anyone got any insights into what I can do to help myself? all comments appreciated.

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    Hi Roy, Sorry to hear about your plight.. But I guess sometimes no matter what you do, things might, still, will go wrong. After all, it's still a game and there will be winners, and losers. Maybe it might be a good idea to take a break from the game for awhile, refresh and recharge the mind and come back after? Hope it helps and good luck! umbup: wikked76
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      Hi Roy! Without seeing the hands, the one thing that I noticed was your reply in the one hand analysis thread. By shoving or betting too large of a stack, a player can 'value own' themselves, where a player will only be called by better hands and will fold out all the worse hands. This could possibly be something that is happening to you. I'd recommend taking a look at the theory videos from Dave in the video section as they will give a ton of solid advice for both cash tables and tournies... along with the live trainings and videos from the other trainers and pros. One key to playing better and better poker is to keep learning. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        we all get them

        hi roy look in the blog someone post a good one UPS AN DOWNS i think its just on the tail end of a swing my self what i have done is go watch the videos an rethink my play also hand historys help a few hours looking at them cant harm SAVE you money too


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          thanks for the input guys,
          i will go and look at the videos and see if they can help. Thing with this game is that as soon as you think you have it mastered it comes back and bites you in the a**!!
          g luck all,


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            That can be true That can be true but i found the videos are an easy way to take your mind off the swing once i start watching them i could not stop ive nearly used all me mega bites up but they probly the best way ive use them in months umbup: give me a pm if you find any thing in them that helps


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              There are LOTS of videos that will help your game, whether you are a beginner or a old hand. Checking out the videos will help your game, no matter what level you're playing at.

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                Hi Roy,

                I am way down the the ranking and play, i think very low $ tournies. But what i find unreal is that 10´s of thousand players on pokerstars complaining about the same problem that u have. And that there are only reactions ¨positive¨reaction that say: step away from poker for a while and watch the video´s.

                I have the same experience as you. Most of the time i loose with the best hands, AA KK ect, against lower pockets. And tons of time other players getting there runner runner on the turn and river and make there normally impossible straight. within 9 hands i saw a royal winning from 2 quads, 3 hands later 4 sets on the same flop and 3 hands later a straight winning against 2 sets. ( +- if i remember correctly ) . I think if u try to calculate that it will be 0.000..... %

                So what i think is unreal is that not tons of other players that are complaining about the same problem are also reply here.

                But on the other hand: how many players are so serius working on there pokerskills that they try to watch as many video´s here in the pokerschool to improve ?? :)

                So my conclusion is: yes it happens to much on PS and tons of players complain, but if they dont respond to Threads like this, PS will never look into the problem that hands like that are to often dealt in the pokerrooms then in real live.

                But who am i!! I try to getting better all the time and hope 1 day to become that good that PS take me into there PS pro team :)



                PS Its sad what happening to me and the other spanish players btw. It makes my PS experience
                less fun. Because we now only can play against spanish players. But that will be a new Thread



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                  Hi wannebeer. Welcome to the PSO forum. A summary of our many features can be found here.

                  Even though you can not play on the main site you are still welcome here at PSO.

                  Good luck
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                    Thanks again guys,
                    I don't subscribe though to the conspiracy theory that it is fixed. I've read up on the software and it's theoretically sound, I know it looks bad some days and you see some outrageous hands coming down but think of the sheer volume of hands you watch when playing 3-4 tables for hours on end, it's way more than you could ever see live and so you are bound to see more crazyness! The Software does seem to favour the big stacks but that only because you remember losing to a big stack when they suck out or put you all in with 8 3 off and take it down. You don't remember the wins because you expect to win these hands. It's your last hand in any tournament that you remember most! My problem is that every book i've read and all my experience tells me that luck evens out eventually... meaning I must be due a pretty awesome run of wins lol!!
                    Anyhow, I'm off to the video section as it's no good just moaning about it, thanks again guys.


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                      Hello there .
                      Could you tell me where you read up on the software being theoretically sound ( interesting choice of word ) ?

                      I am not going to say the software is unsound but any info PS gave me regarding this matter was not very helpful . Their links to Cigital's endorsement dont really prove anything and Cigital and Quantique , the company that created the RNG , dont really have anything to say if you try contacting them . But as poker is a skill game with an element of luck we should not really bother about the software but focus more on our decisions because better decisions will show the benefit in the long run as many people like to reiterate.

                      As for runs , good or bad , it is only reasonable to expect that we all get our fair share . However , recently I had a nice 2 day period where I almost trebled my bankroll but since being in a dispute with Support here on Pokerstars and without playing significantly differently , I have had the most horrendous run of luck ; the same happened the last time I had a dispute with Pokerstars last year ; this could be , and probably is coincidence .

                      An interesting note on this latest dispute with Pokerstars is the following : after many exchanges of email in which Pokerstars Support refused to redress my dispute with them I asked for the matter to be taken up by management . This was duly done . As the complaint had been moved to more senior persons i decided to wait a day for a response : it is customary to have a reply within 20-30minutes . However , 2 days later with no reply I contacted support again and with no response after an hour I sent one last email threatening legal action ( and it was a serious threat ) . Within 30 seconds of sending this last email I receive a response in which the dispute has been resolved in my favour . The timing of this reply , could just be , and probably is coincidence . None-the -less , at the time of writing the bad run continues ( compounded by bad play on my part ) .

                      A final word ; it will be interesting to see if the suggestion I made to Pokerstars regarding this dispute is ever implemented . Somehow I don't think it will .


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                        Hi there Frasier,

                        It sounds to me like you are having a few issues with the site and are looking for reasons and or explanations. As you have not specified what your complaint concerns i'm not sure I can offer any useful help.

                        However, to answer your question on the software, I can tell you that I have read a lot of books that cover all areas of poker in all its forms (Harrington, Slansky, Hellmuth, Nguyen, Nelson, Streib and Heston, Greenstein and of course Brunsen et al) and none of them, not one, have any negative comments on the software used by pokerstars, merge, on game, cereus, ipoker, pacific or any of the big networks involved.

                        So when i say that I have read up on the software i'm really saying that there are no negative comments about it at all, the pokerstars network is the biggest and most popular in the world and frequently rated as the best, see ....links removed.. for reviews but don't just take my word for it, google complaints about pokerstars, or complaints about poker networks and clients and you can see for yourself that apart from people moaning (like me lol) about bad beats and bad runs there just isn't any volume of complaints that add up to a real issue of unfairness.

                        I think when your mindset is bad (that you think or feel conspiratorial (is that a word lol?)) then your game suffers. Pretty much every bit of literature talks about having a positive mindset before you play and i think this is very important. If i'm feeling good and hit a set on the flop it holds without issue, if i'm looking for the cards that will take it down they surely arrive. My advice would be to let go of any grudge, and if it's really bothering you go elsewhere mate, it's an open market with plenty of options....

                        Hope your luck improves along with mine mate,
                        Last edited by wiltshireman; Mon Jun 18, 2012, 03:02 PM. Reason: links removed as per conditions of forum


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                          A break from playing and some time studying sound like a good idea. If you tend to always have the best hand when all in (save for when you run into a monster and are coolered), you're not playing good tournament poker.
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                            Hi Langolier,

                            Thanks for the reply, I've been watching your videos and i don't think my play varies much from your own. I know what you mean about not always having the best hand when all in but i was trying to explain that i was ahead when calling or shoving in my original post. Having watched a bit of you and listened i think i'm playing a bit too aggressively post flop and even pre on some occaisions. My play is great when it gets short handed but i've been pushin hands like AK and 99 upward in pairs when i have a stack of over 30bb's. I am playing good poker when it gets to the bubble and my final table play seems to be ok (won a 3.50 rebuy 180 ppl the other day). If i can calm my early tournament play a little and get my reads back on track i think i'll be ok... watch this space!

                            thanks again for the input though and i would appreciate any other advice you can offer.



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                              Hi Roy,
                              but i was trying to explain that i was ahead when calling or shoving in my original post.
                              Yes, I got this... but if you are always ahead when you get all your chips in, you are not playing good tournament poker. If you're following my classes or watching my vids you'll have an idea what I mean. I don't mean try to get money in bad and suck out... what I mean is good tournament poker includes a big dose of identifying spots to accumulate chips without a hand, and when you are actively doing this, sometimes you'll get caught with your hand in the cookie jar so to speak.
                              My play is great when it gets short handed but i've been pushin hands like AK and 99 upward in pairs when i have a stack of over 30bb's. I am playing good poker when it gets to the bubble and my final table play seems to be ok (won a 3.50 rebuy 180 ppl the other day). If i can calm my early tournament play a little and get my reads back on track i think i'll be ok... watch this space!
                              Congrats on the win! It sounds like you have an idea where some of the problem lies. I suspect there's a bit more going on, but this is a good start. Kudos for doing the work to identify and correct it. umbup: Dave
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