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Was this the right play??

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  • Was this the right play??

    Not too sure wether I would of been better to flat call in this spot?? I figured with moneyqueen11 being on the button, that there range would have been fairly big. Taking chip stacks into consideration also I thought too ship was the right play. Was I right???

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    Hi seancoppo! Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will help to get you familiar with the various things that PSO has to offer. What type of tourney is this, a cash MTT or a league game? The reason that I ask is that they are totally different animals and you will get a different answer for each. The more information that the players provide (tourney type, reads, etc), the better informed that the analyzers will be and therefore we can give you a much better answer as to how we'd play a given situation. If this is a league game, what read do you have on the button? Were they playing a lot of hands from there in previous orbits? If the opp was playing tight, then I'm mucking AT here as I don't want to be playing a hand out of position in which I may be outkicked. The key to league games is to survive as long as possible... not necessarily to accumulate chips earlier in the tourney as I basically do not want to take chances. If it was a league game and the button was playing loose, then I'd flat and not raise until I saw that I had a made hand. Once again, the only goal is to survive as long as possible and I do not want to give a single chip away if I don't have to and do not want to take chances unless I'm ahead and can very easily be ahead after all 5 cards of the board are shown. Now... if it's a cash tourney..... If the opp was playing extremely tight, I'd still probably muck here, as I wouldn't want to play the rest of the hand out of positon. I'd also fold if this were the final table of a 45-man tourney, where the top 7 get paid. I've got 3X the chips of the short stack and I want to be sure that they go out before me, so that they are the bubble and I cash. I could easily shove with AT, but would not want to call a shove with AT in this situation as I don't want to put myself at risk at the money bubble. If the opp was playing loose on the button, then i'd want to make my std 3-bet, which for me is a raise to between 3X the opp's bet amount and the size of the pot. This would cause me to raise to between 900 and 1800 and I'd opt for the higher end. However, since the opp only has 1796 behind and a raise would make them commit almost all of their chips, I'll raise to 2196. Yes, I'm basically shoving, but in rare instances, betting the exact amount that the opp has left can tilt them... so when I'm guaranteed to already be up against that one opp only (only 1 to act), I'll bet their exact amount. It doesn't work that often, but the times that it does, it's a bonus as they'll call lighter due to tilting. However, if there were opps left to act behind me, I'd shove, to try and isolate the original raiser on the button. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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