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final 3 of 511 left

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  • final 3 of 511 left

    ok i want you guys opinion on this i dont want to give anyone whole cards or final result i just want a straight forward answer

    it is the final 3 of a $1 buy in tourney
    prize pool
    1st $133

    im on the button the 2 players be4 holds stacks of 555k and just over 200k i got just over 850k,
    the 200k shoves the 555k calls i re re raised all in with kj its the final 3 of a 6 player table so i dont know their range
    should i hv shoved in that spot?

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    Hi danan758 Can you remember what size the blinds and antes were ? This looks like a fold to me but I can't be sure without knowing what the blinds and antes were umbup:


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      I'm letting them fight it out as well and hopefully moving up a cash spot.

      Fold from me, you're very likely behind when the chips went in, even a raggy A has you beat pre.
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        last i remember 12/25k not sure if they had gone up


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          ok i will post whole cards and results now

          200k stack was holding AQo
          555k stack was holding A5o

          flop was 2,8,6
          turn, K
          river A

          prior to that hand i had well over 1 million chips and was asked to make a deal

          i finished the tournament in 3rd place losing K8s to the new chip leader holding KQo the very next hand
          he raised all in i called i make 3 losing calls in 3 consecutive hand


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            Hi danan758! Since the stacks are 200k and 555k, I need to call 555k into a pot that will be 1.31 million (give or take due to the blinds/antes. This is why that type of information is necessary as these calculations are critical). This is 42.4%. From pokerstove, we need to then look at how much equity my hand has. With KJo vs the opp's probable shove ranges, I'll use a top 25% hand for the shorter stack and a top 10% hand for the larger stack, I get 25% equity for my KJo. The hand equity is much smaller than the pot equity, so I'm mucking KJo here, as on average I will lose 17.4% of my chips each time in this situation. Even once I know their exact hands, I would only have 37.85% equity in my KJ, which is still smaller than the 42.4% that I would have to put into the pot... so once again, it's a negative play for me to call, so I will muck. In the following hand, I would have had about 300k chips left and without further info (exact stacks, blinds, etc).. a suited king could be a shove or a fold. I don't have enough info to determine it from what was provided. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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              the tourney wasnt from pokertars thats why i cant get the hand history the site has it but i dont know how to retrieve it yet


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                well i guess thats all my fault
                its my 4th or 5th final table in a tourney of that size and i busted out earlier than i should hv on all
                on 3 occasions i started off as chip leader and didnt make top 2

                ill blame it on poor decision making and work on it in for tourneys thanks guys il fold the KJ in the future


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                  On the bright side if you're getting into this position on a regular basis at least you are getting the experiance to improve.


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                    You seem to be getting a little defensive - relax, we`re on your side. If you ask for opinions, that`s what you get, they may not be what you want to hear, but they are honest unbiased opinions.

                    Great learning opportunity here.

                    Bracelet Winner



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