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Freeroll tournament: suited connectors, hit straight on turn, shove or raise?

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  • Freeroll tournament: suited connectors, hit straight on turn, shove or raise?

    I flat called because it looked like he was chasing a draw. I also thought he might be betting some Ax/two pair hands and he wanted to be able to get away from the pot cheaply. His bet sizing gave me 20:1, and I had 18% on the turn and 15% on the river. He'd made some pretty bad plays before, so I thought I had a good chance to be ahead if I hit either the 6 or the J. 6 would have been preferable as it would've given me the nut straight, while a J might've given him his gutshot if he had KcQx. When the J came I figured shoving would be better than raising, since my stack was close to the pot and I could be getting paid off by a flush draw, Ax or two pair. Was my thinking correct?
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    Hi doomasiggy,

    I think you've played it pretty well.

    Preflop I think we're deep enough to call 100 with the suited connectors and position. If I thought the blinds were likely to shove I might think twice about it as I'd rather not play the suited connector for 390.

    On the flop I think the call behind is fine. The pot is big enough we can get it in relatively easy once we hit the straight so no reason to bloat it yet.

    On the turn once we've hit our card. I think a shove is ideal. We don't mind folding out anyone on the flush draw since the pot is decent already. And if we get called by the flush draw we are happy too since we've charged him the max price. I'm not too worried about him flopping the flush since both bets are too small. I would expect him to increase the bet on the turn if he had it.

    Putting in a normal raise would encourage people to draw against us and give them a better price. It also lets them get away if they miss the draw on the river, and we'd be pretty sick if a 4th club comes out.

    I think you've played it well. I like erring on the side of betting big anyway in the Micros and Freerolls since people will still pay you off when they catch a piece.


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