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Satellite w/ fpp

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  • Satellite w/ fpp

    Hi guys,

    I've qualified for the micro 3.30 this week and i was going to try to qualify for Sunday Storm.
    It wasn't a succes at all,took some bad beats and was a little bit tilted after that.

    The satellite of Sunday storm was a 5 fpp buy-in with rebuy and it was turbo.
    I played tight,like any ATo+ (also with KQ and QJ etc) and TT+,didnt limp in,push-fold strategy and pick a good spot.There's was a lot of ppl who was going to ''bingo'' for a big-stack etc,my aces,kings,queens etc were cracked by that little 38o and T3s etc.I didnt have any good information about them,so i used the abc-poker strategy to get a seat ,but didnt work...
    Do you guys have any tips or someting to get a seat in this tournanment ?

    Thanks all

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    Rebuy tournanents

    Hi hbhuang341. As you have discovered, rebuy tournaments are quite different indeed during the rebuy period. That is because many adopt a strategy of playing very loosely and overbet their hands in hopes of quickly building a big stack. If they bust, and they often do, they simply buy in again. The disadvantage for those who are going to play a TAG style you have already found out. Lots more people playing weak hands means lots more bad beats.

    There can be a big advantage in playing these. That is the much bigger prize pool that these generate for the same buy in. If you treat these as a regular tournament and just use the one buy in, a min cash is often at least 4 or 5 times as much as a standard tournament. For satellites this means there will be many more seats than a normal tournament would award for that buy in level. Rather than using the single buy in strategy some immediately rebuy and thus have a double stack at the start of the tournament. Often those using this strategy will only double rebuy once, if they bust out on their first attempt. Rebuy tournaments are not for everyone, but they do offer some unique opportunities for those who like them.

    Hope this helps
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      Thanks for reply !
      But what do i have to do in these fpp satellites? More gambling or just wait for 'good' cards and hoping to get a big stack before the rebuy period closes ? And is buying an add-on smart or not ?


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        If you are playing in the PSO open league, and not using the clock and fold strategy, you are gaining experience that is invaluable for the rebuy period. The play is much the same in the first hour of the PSO open league as the rebuy period. I have never tried the high risk gambling strategy, as I don't think my big stack play is good enough to offset the large amount of rebuys this approach often needs. I don't know of any good players that recommend this approach but many people obviously try it.

        I have used both the single entry and the immediate rebuy strategies and feel I can be profitable in the long run with either with my game. The gamblers go all in with medium and even weak hands. So the strategy is to wait until you have a strong hand and get your chips in when you are likely ahead. Sometimes they will also have a strong hand, sometimes they will get lucky and suck out with a weaker hand, but most of the time you will win if you range them correctly. Try, as far as possible, to target gamblers with smaller stacks, so you don't bust out when you lose a hand. Pick up some chips where you can in pots when the gamblers are not involved. The keys to success are good reads to recognize spots where you are ahead, the patience to wait for these opportunities and a little luck.

        Going for the add on depends on how big a percentage increase it will give your stack. I will usually get it if it increases my stack size by 20% or more. I won't get it at less than a 10% increase.
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