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Should i have folded AA here?

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  • Should i have folded AA here?

    PokerStars Hand #81421608184: Tournament #575010287, $5.00+$0.50 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level V (30/60) - 2012/06/03 14:54:44 WET [2012/06/03 9:54:44 ET] The board was draw heavy so i bet big to try and push any draws off, but the BT called, and the the SB check raised... i couldnt really see how i could continue when the SB could have a two pair, set, made straight, and the BT could be playing flush or a staright draw etc... so i folded. What should i maybe have done instead? I was pretty sure i was beat and had nothing to draw to.

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    I wouldve shipped it pre flop

    Leave it in the hands of the poker gods

    What kinda reads did you have on other players ? Was this early in a tournament or an s'n'g ?


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      earlyish in the bigger $5.50, didnt know much about either oppoent and i dont have any software.

      But so many times i get check raised by the blinds and it confuses me with what to make of it... I dont know if its showing strength or weakness.


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        Hi cattons3! With AA, I would make a std raise to 150. This helps to conceal the strength of my hand. At lower blind levels, it could get more callers, but I'd rather have that scenario than to expose my hand with a larger raise. The flop gives a straight, flush and even combo draw. With this being the case and two opps being in the hand, I'm going to make a pot-sized bet here. This way the opps are priced out for their draws (drawing will be a -EV play) unless the last to act has QJ spades... and there isn't any way to price that draw out if both opps stay. When the BB raises, I'm mucking AA here too. It's not worth the chips or my tourney life to be calling or raising with what could very easily be the worst hand... and I have no draws to beat a straight or flush that doesn't take runner/runner. There will be occasions when I would have to fold a monster preflop hand and unfortunately this is one of those situations. For more info about blind play, please take a look at Dave's video series on it. They are numbers 81, 82, 86, 88. They will help with you learning about it. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Thansk very much


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            I would have put the button chasing either a straight or the flush and the small blind on a 10 or k 10 and trying to kill the hand off, re raising allin was surely an option here, unless you know the players are ultra tight the only hands you need worry about are jq and jq suited and the jq would have been layed down if they were so tight... I agree that the 150 opening bet was ok, as long as it's not one you follow everytime, you have to mix it up with aces and a flat call or bigger raise would have both been ok in my eyes too... then again i woulda gone out the tourny right here lol!



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