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good laydown?

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  • good laydown?

    0.25 90 man final table lose agressive villain

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    Hi RomeWu

    I like the way you played the hand up until you fold!

    We flop top pair top kicker versus a loose aggressive opponent which is defending his big blind. Often when a player is defending their blinds they have a fairly weak/average hand.

    When our loose aggressive oppnent check raises us all in this is a very easy call for us and here is why, we often have our opponent drawing to 3 outs in this spot ( Kx hands ) and sometimes have him drawing to 2 outs ( small pocket pairs ).

    Would this opponent check raise us all in with Kx ? It's very likely. Would he check raise us all in with a small pocket pair? Again it's quite likely given that he is a loose aggressive opponent with all the chips.

    The only hands we are losing to are pocket 2's / pocket 5's. The likelyhood of our opponent having 2 pair here is next to nil.

    This is a fist pump call which will be extremely profitable. If we win the hand it puts us in very good shape to win the entire tournament

    Hope this helped, Cheers!


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      I find the half pot bet on the flop gets little respect from some players, thats why I use it when I have a strong hand, but you have got to be willing to go with the hand, you are kind of inducing them to spaz out with a second best hand because they think your half pot bet is just a c-bet.


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        thank you


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          I didn't like anything you did here Romwu to be honest. I think you were far too busy looking at his chipstack and you didn't look at the cardsl! firstly i would have put in a pot size opening raise (about 2,500) and then on that flop i'd probably of checked to induce a bet and i would of had my chips in there instantly when he tried his bullying tactic of a tourny life bet (betting enough for you to know you're out if you lose)... g luck


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            Hi Roy! Making a very large open raise like that is a common bet tell that many players have. They raise more with their better hands and when they do that, they basically turn their cards face up. Making std raises helps to conceal the cards that you have, as you will make the same raise with AA, 33, AK, J10, 56s, or even a bluff. It will help to keep the opps guessing as to what you are holding. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Yeah I think I would of maybe just put in a 3x raise pre flop then check raised all in post flop. I dont think I could get away from AK in this spot.



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