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  • Right play?

    0.25$ 90 man ,oponnent playing very loose

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    Is 4x+1 for each limper your standard preflop bet size? Usually it's supposed to be 2.5x+1 for each limper if you're raising from the button.

    Bet smaller on the flop.

    The problem with your bet size is that you've ended up putting half your stack for what amounts to a bluff. You were trying to get him to fold on the flop with the c-bet, and you only need to bet like, half the pot for that. 250-280 should be your standard bet size there I think; especially since you're short stacked, and he has a lot of J's in his range.


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      Hi RomeWu! Preflop with AK, I'll make my std raise (3BB+1BB for each limper). By making standard raises, the opps are constatntly guessing as to what cards I have. I'll make the same raise with AA, 33, AK, suited connectors or even total bluffs. With one limper, I'll raise to 200. The flop is three undercards with possible flush and straight draws. Since the opp has been playing loose, there is a much better chance of them hitting a part of this board and being ahead of me. Due to this, I'm going to check behind on the flop. If I had a made hand (overpair to the board), then I'd make a c-bet here and size it at 3/4 pot (to price out a possible flush/straight combination draw), but... without a made hand, I'll check behind for pot control. The turn gives me top pair, top kicker, but could complete a straight. If the opp checks again on the turn, then I would make a value bet here and size it large enough that I would price out the draws (3/4 pot). With a smaller stack in a tourney, pot control is a very key concept. I want to get paid for my big hands, but I want to lose the minimum when I am beat, as any of the other opps can KO me. When playing against a loose passive opponent, which this one seems to be as they were not betting, only calling, the one thing that I do not want to do is to bluff. The opp will call anything, so bluffing this type of opponent will not work. I won't bet into this type of opp without a made hand that I know is the best hand... then when I get a made hand, I value bet them every street that I can. You'll see this type of opp over and over in the quarter 90-man's (know that from playing them) and the way to beat them is to never bluff and value bet them with made hands. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        thank you for your advise everyone



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