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Limping the SB

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  • Limping the SB

    I'm playing some micro MTT and there are a lot of loose and passive players. And I usually find my self folding a lot of hands on teh SB when I could just limp some of then. Especially when the blinds start to raise. I learned that u should play the oposite of what your players are playing. In other words, if they playing loose, I should play tight. But I think I was folding too much hands on the SB. So I wanted u guys opinions to what hands I could just limp behind instead of just folding ? Since I noticed that I was throwing away a lot of chips waiting for hands good enough to raise. Thanks ! umbup:

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    It is normal to lose chips in the long run when you are in the blinds. You have to put in chips on hands you would throw away in other positions. When you do enter the action, you are out of position post flop. Just completing the blind, means you don't have the initiative. By completing you digging yourself a hole then trying to climb out of it.. If you are running a HUD you might filter your results for this situation and see if you are losing more or less than if you just folded, ie 1/2 BB per hand.

    Hope this helps
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      like bearxing said above you will loose money in the sb in the long run simply because you will be out of position everytime
      fold>raise>call , if you feal like you want to play the hand raise at least to take the initiative in the hand or take the blinds


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        Hi fp_boss77! Completing from the SB is one of the most common and largest chip leaks that many players have. The way that I look at it when I'm in the SB is that... if I won't raise with the hand that I have, I'm mucking it. The reason for the chip leak is that even if I hit the flop, I'm out of position and even if I hit top pair, I won't have a great kicker (or I'd have raised pre) and could easily lose a large pot due to it. I'd much rather save my chips for a hand where I either have a better hand or I'm in position and can use that to my advantage. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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