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weekly 2nd round (not sure if i can most this)

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  • weekly 2nd round (not sure if i can most this)

    i played the 2nd round earlier today i got knocked out early whilst i basically played 5 hands i have been having a terrible time lately not sure if playing all wrong or im just having a run of bad luck im gonna post the 5 hands if this is allowed if not no need to go through im cant remember much about their playing styles and i was playing a league game i was in a good position with 400 people left was focusing more on it

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    Whiffing the flop

    Just including one hand in a post makes it much easier to follow if you want an analysis of individual hands. The common thread in the hands is a good non paired starting hands miss the flop. Starting hands miss the flop about two thirds of the time. So having a stretch where you just can not get a good flop is not that uncommon. There is a technique that can salvage some value in these cases. It is called continuation betting and Dave has done a video on it that can be found here.

    Hope this helps
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      Hi danan758! If the hands are related, it's fine to put them in one post. If they don't have any bearing on the other hands, then it makes for easier discussions if each is its own thread. Hand 1: Preflop with AQ, I'll make a std opening raise to 60 (3BB). The flop leaves me with ace high, but two overcards. When the opp checks to me, I'll make a normal c-bet and size it at 1/2 pot, so I'll bet 90 and the opp calls. With the opp calling, I expect them to have hit a part of the board, so I have 6 outs to try to get ahead. The turn gives a third club, so if the opp doesn't have a pair, they hit a flush. When the opp checks, I'm checking behind. The river does not improve my hand, so when the opp checks, I'll check again. If I was the opp, after we both checked the turn, I would have made a lead bet on the river of about 1/3 pot. Hand 2: With AK from the SB, I'll once again make my std raise (3BB+1BB for each limper). There are 3 limpers, so I'll raise to 6BB or 120. The flop totally misses me and I'll check. One opp makes a bet of 60 chips, so I now need to see if I should call. I have 6 outs to improve (12% hand equity to the turn) so if the bet is more than 12% of the pot, I should fold. To call is 60 into a pot that will be 520 (11.5%). My hand equity is higher than the pot equity, so I'll call. The turn misses, so I'll check and the opp now bets 140, so I go thru the same type of calculations to see if I should call. I have 12% equity in my hand and the pot equity is 140/860 or 16.3%. The pot equity is higher than my hand equity, so I'll fold to the bet of 140. Hand 3: With AQs, I'll make my std preflop raise (3BB+1BB for each limper) and since there are 3 limpers, I'll raise to 6BB or 120. The flop misses me and an opp bets 140. I have 6 outs to improve, so my hand has 12% equity (6 outs * 2% per out). To call, I'd have to put 140 into a pot that will be 610 (23%). The hand equity is less than the pot equity, so I will fold to the bet of 140 chips. Hand 4: KQs from middle position with one limper, I'll raise to 4BB or 180 (3BB+1BB for each limper). The flop gives me top pair/2nd kicker. When the two opps fold to me, I'll make my std continuation bet for a dry board fo 1/2 pot, so I will bet 130 and an opp calls. The turn 6 puts a possible straight and straight draw on the board. With top pair,when the opp checks, I will make a value bet, but I need to size it to price out both a straight and a flush draw. To accomplish this, I'll bet 2/3 pot or 400. If I bet less than 2/3's pot, then I give the opp the correct odds to draw at me for a flush/straight/combo draw. The turn doesn't complete either draw and the opp checks to me. With top pair/2nd kicker, I'll make a value bet on the river of about 1/3-1/2 pot and since I bet 400 on the turn, I'll make it slightly more on the river, so I'll bet 450. The opp in this hand should have made a value bet or check/raise on the turn and also a value bet on the river. By not doing so, they are losing value on their hand. Hand 5: With AQ from early position, especially early in a tourney with a number of opps that will call anything preflop, I would fold. I want to be playing hands early being in position, not out of position. If I did play it, then I'll use my std raise (3BB+1BB for each limper) and bet 120. When the late position player shoves, there could possibly be 6 players in the hand and I'd be playing for my tourney life... exactly what I do not want to have happen. AQ is a hand with potential, but does not play well in multiway pots, especially out of position (if I would have chips left after the flop). Against even two random hands, AQ will win only about 46% of the time. If the opps have real hands, then it will be considerably worse. Due to this... I'm mucking and looking for a better spot to get my chips in. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        thanks for replying here
        i liked your view on the AQ early position
        i took your advise and have folded it most of the time until i established a nice tight aggressive image at the table



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