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early stages on MTT vs loose players

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  • early stages on MTT vs loose players

    ok i am a descent player i hv a few huge freeroll final tables under my belt so im descent
    but i have trouble starting off im also a bit of a angry guy too im working on it
    i just finished over 5000 in the league
    i had JJ i was either UTG +2/3 blinds 60/30 i raised 300 because of the loose players (3100 stack)
    the flop came A K 3 i raised just 360 because of the two scare cards 1 player was already all in and the other called me
    so i chk down the turn and river he had KQ and the other had K9 suited
    should i have played the hand differently

    I had AK off with a stack on 1700 i raised the same 300 same blinds as before i got 6 callers, by that time i'm already going on tilt i flop had a K and a flush draw i raised 650 two players called turn card brings the flush card but i shove my remaining chips player 1 callers player 2 re raises
    a 4th club comes on the river i dont hv any club
    player 1 has a straight flush 75 suited player two made his flush on the turn river he has 97 off suit but he re raised on the turn with absolutely nothing.......
    how exactly should i hv played those situations

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    mo need to answer the 2nd part John (JWK24) made a good point in a previous post about it


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      JJ is often a tough hand to play. Your opponents, even loose players, will have lots of hands containing an A,K, or Q in their range. When one of these cards comes up on the flop, the question is are you still ahead. With two of them the answer is probably not far to often to make it profitable to continue. Shutting down with the A and K coming on the flop was the right choice. It is a case where worse hands will fold and better hands will call. Not what you want to happen.

      Good play
      3 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Hi danan758! Please use the replayer to put the hands in here and please limit it to one hand per thread. It makes it much easier for more infomation to be taken into account. Position, chip stacks, touney type, table dynamics..... they ALL need to be taken into account when determining what to do in a hand. When I'm making an open raise with any hand, my std raise is to 3BB, so at 30/60, I'll raise to 180. Not making standard raises is a big tell for online poker. By making a larger raise, it turns your cards basically face-up as a large pair or AK. The flop brings 2 overcards and most likely with multiple opps in the hand, someone has an A or K. Due to this, I'm check/folding the flop. AK hand: way too big of an opening bet. Once again, this is a tell that you have a pair or AK. I'd like to tell how I would play the rest of the hand, but I need more info in order to do so. Exact cards on board, opp's chip stacks, blind level, tourney type, reads on opps, etc. This type of information is mandatory in making a correct decision. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) The more information that is provided, the more that we will be able to help.

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          i get your point on the opening raise
          but my theory is that its early and the newbs and maniacs are still around they only take their hand into consideration therefore there is no need to disguise my hand i could tell them my hand and still get called by 27
          ill work on the replayer i tried it out but i hv no idea how to get it on the forum


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            Here is a link to the instructions. For getting into the forum, take a look at the link builder, number 7.

            By raising more early, what will end up happening in the long run is that you give away chips to the other players (called leaking chips). This will cause a player to get KO'd from the tourney earlier than they really should. Especially in league games, the one and only consideration is to last as long as possible and to accomplish this, I would never want to give even a single chip away nor put all my chips in unless I'm 100% certain that I will have the best hand. Early exits in these tourneys are a killer.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              thanks i got my common mistakes excel file ill add that in
              played 4 tourneys outside of pokerstars since and i took your advise must say it work i was able to walk away from pots with the ace k
              i think that was my problem by committing so many chips i feel compelled to take down the pot playing big pot poker with top pair top kicker thats a bit stupid from me


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                and getting knocked out early is true i some what got latter stages covered i know when to steal i pay more attention i do pretty well there
                but i dont usually get there so ill have to integrate that into my play



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