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how should i play AK/AQ

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  • how should i play AK/AQ

    lets take AK/AQ from any position with blinds of 200/400 or 400/800
    i'm short stacked lets say 5600 so looking to cash i raise 1200
    the table is filled with with loose players with an average of 4 callers to the flop with a pre flop raise of that size if i miss the flop should i c bet or give the pot up
    or should i have raised all in preflop

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    Hey danan758, If the blinds are 200/400 then we have a stack size of 14 big blinds. With 14 big blinds the optimal play would be to shove all in preflop. Especially if the table is loose and your raise is unlikely to get folds. If you decide to raise to 1200 and cbet a flop which you missed, lets say to 2000 then you have over half of your chips invested which would leave you severely short stacked if you were to get called/shoved on. If the blinds are 400/800 then we only have 7 big blinds! So again the best thing to do is to shove. (Generally with a stack size shorter than 20bb the best way to play our hands it to shove all in preflop because if we are to just raise and get called we have little room to manouver post flop as we are so short in chips). Their are of course some exceptions to this rule. Thanks, Chris umbup:


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      thanks for replying i appreciate it


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        Hi danan758! Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will help to get you familiar with the information available at PSO (be sure to check out the videos and live trainings). Unless this is a league game, I agree with Chris and I'm shoving preflop. I try to make when I shove preflop somewhere in the 5-15 BB range and it will depend on the type of tourney the other chip stacks and when I get ITM. If this is a league game, then I'm raising to 2.5-3BB and making sure that I hit the flop becuase of the point structure in them. The goal in the league games is to last as long as possible, and never put your chips all-in unless you're sure you have the best hand after all 5 cards on the board are shown (excpetion being AA, KK or maybe QQ preflop). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          thanks for that must say that bit kinda helps me whether im short stacked or not as i go on tilt quickly when the blinds are still low when players do lots of foolish things
          when the blinds get high im gd at picking the right spots and making lots of chips through small ball poker and knowing when to play big



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