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  • what to do?

    just been busted out of a tourney, got ak second hand under the gun, raised to 60 3xbb, everyone else folded. from that point i was completely card dead, fold fold fold all the way bar having to bluff a couple of pots with my tight image. all i was getting was k6 10,3 q,7 for a good 2 hours. then qq falls into my lap. 2 from utg raises the min to 240 and all folds to me. im on the button so make a min raise to get the blinds to fold which they do. flop comes aq10, he raises to 1200 i go all in 2500 odd and he calls with aj, who can guess the next card to fall. was it the wrong play or did i get in good
    should i have folded this hand as this seems a regular tourney thing to be dealt a dead mans hand after so much patience.
    i gave up on poker for ages ago because it was so demoralising. few weeks ago i felt like a game so installed the software and played the $500 $1000 fpp tourneys and cashed nearly every time. the minute i deposit i go card dead. its screwing my sweed

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    Hi bluffedbu! Welcome to the forum. What type of tourney was this, what were the chip stacks, how were the opps playing, especially the one in the hand with you.... these will help to determine what to do. If you have the hand history (can be requested from PS thru the requests tab, then hand history in the client), then you can go to the replayer here (tools tab at the top) and you can submit the hand for us to analyze. Preflop, I'd have raised more than the minimum. My std opening raise is to 3BB (or 2.5BB at higher blind levels) but since the opp had min-raised before you, my normal 3-bet size is a raise between the size of the pot and 3X the opps bet. On the flop, what was your initial bet that the opp raises? If his initial bet was 1200, then I'm shoving my 2500 in on the flop. I don't want to let someone see the turn/river to see that they beat me without risking as many chips as possible. Every hand, even AA will lose a given % of the time, so these beats are normal and a part of playing poker. They're going to happen in every level of poker and in all games. All that a player can do is to be patient, get you chips in when the odds are in your favor and after that, it's up to catching a lucky break at the right time. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      most were at the 600ish stack maybe a 10000er, it was a $2.20 7.5 gtd


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        Hi bluffed,good name like it,so let me get this right you quit poker a while back,decided to give it another go and cashed in free rolls,so why deposit if you have cash of free rolls is my question to you firstly? Ok I have established that your head is on the pickled side, I hear what you are saying about the fpp tourneys,and yes to cash in on them and then to go card dead as such when depositing a bank roll can make people think in ways that will in fact be the demise of your game. There are several answers to you,and its nothing to do with the way necasarilly you played your hand. Ok, the switch from fpps to real cash games is not as simple as people think. In fpp tourneys a lot of players are normally BR bust tilters,begginners, etc etc, In real cash games/ tourneys, people do and will play slightly different.These players use software such as poker tracker etc, to them you may show as a fish,there for they may not and will not nesasarilly believe you. In videos on the forum Dave the langolier i thiink it is, from memory ,as a good video on percieved image,percieved image been one of the most important aspects of poker. To your question about dead cards, alot of players including myself ,at one time, could not understand win ratio and the full meaning of variance, A simple explanation is just bad timing,you ran well in fpps,then deposited basically when variance was about to hit. However if you had used strict,and i mean strict BR management with complete disipline,then maybe we would not be having this conversation? IF you cash in 2 out of ten tourneys thats good play,thats an itm of 20 percent, do not and never think that pros win them all,because they do not. They play volume and have a BR to compete with the bad runs which can and does happen at any given time. Understanding why you loose is the actuall key to not losing,you will hear regular on closing up your leaks,whether that be bad play or a bad mindset. Theres a lot more to been a winning player than just the cards, I personally recomend you stay in this forum until you have sorted out your game and excepted the leaks can be fixed. Many people come on this forum and 1 question then gone,when actually if they just stick around and ask all the questions,they can and will become a good player. Do not think in anyway that there is a conspiracy of any sort,do not think that people on the forum are just to shut you up, I hate to say it,in fact its going to klll me saying this,when i came to this forum i came with the intentions of proving pokerstars and the man behind it was all one big con,I heckled and battled to infact prove to myself i was just shite at poker. Be honest to yourself,except you are not probably as good as you think you are,except maybe you need to learn more,and hear is the place. I do not know what stage you are at in your game,but i would be happy to rail you and see if i can spot any leaks,wether it free play or real money i will happily watch you and see,then we can come back here for the best advice,just inbox me and we can arrange something if you want to continue playing, but mostly i will stress to you not to deposit again for a short while,wait untill your leaks are fixed and you have the full understanding of the game and fundamentals. I may be way of base but i do know what and how you are seeing it,i have been there.umbup:



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