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Bad Streak

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  • Bad Streak

    Hello everyone.

    I have build up my bankroll from 0 to about to about 2 $ playing freerolls and and for about 2 months everyday i have been playing play money sit&go for practice looking at every sit&go videos learning etc ...i mainly play mtt's freerolls and pso but i think if you want to build your bankroll sit&go is the best way...,so i took my 2 $ and i thought i will take a shot at a real money 90 man 45man 0.25c sit&go,i know its bad bankroll managment but i was very confident that my game is good I can say i play abc poker perhaps to tight but it worked for me till now, i was playing on 2 tables 90 man,s my first 4 games i busted out, fifth game i took first place 5.78$ that was great i was really confident,i watched ahar010's bankroll management building blocks and its better if you are under 10$ to play the 45 man's sit&go, so i did just that ,then it started....i lost 11 consecutive times then i cashed again first place 3.23$ in a 45 man, and then 22 i lost again in a row,my aces were cracked,sets,straights everything i just didn't know what else to do,this all happend in 3 days i wasn't on tilt becouse i knew i was making the right decions and i would always check my hands on hand analysys section or pokerstove so....Anyway dear poker friends,i have been playing poker for 3 years and i started to play and study online poker for about six months but never made a deposit yet but looking forward in the future ,so ,trainers,advaced players, PLEASE give us advice on bad streaks,how many,how long,when you started playing online did this happen to you and so on....i think that the new players would really like to hear this.


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    I do understand your frustration just as most experienced poker players do, basically we all go through swings, it is just the nature of the game! When ever you are experiencing a cold streak your best bet is to take a break for an hour and refresh your mind, go for a walk outside and get some fresh air, grab a coffee, energy drink or a glass of milk etc.. before buying in to another tournament. Remember the game will always be there when you return from your break.

    Also submit your poker hand histories for review
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    Best of luck to you at the tables and thank you for being a member of

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      Thank you


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        article I came across a while ago check it out hope it helps and gl


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          OK, I'm not what you could call an advanced player, but like you I've had bad runs, bad results and bouts of card deadness and tilt as a result, but whenever I do, I just stop playing buy in games, and either 1) not load up PS for a couple of days, and then get back to playing freeroll or two to see if I'm still on a Bad run or still card dead, or 2) just play freerolls.

          Hope this gives you something useful or something to think about.
          'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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            Originally posted by DiveAllIn View Post

            article I came across a while ago check it out hope it helps and gl

            thank you,but your link it not seems to be working
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              Guys thank you,all your advices are most welcome.


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                bankroll building from nothing

                There are a few other choices beyond free rolls when you are trying to accomplish the difficult task of building your bankroll up from nothing. Some people have been successful using the two cent 990 man sit and goes. The 10 cent 360 man sit and goes are not quite as wild as they are just turbos, not hyper turbos Playing quite tight and winning just one or two hands can get you into the money. There are also two $50 added MTT a day with a 10 cent entry fee. As a bonus there is no rake. There is also a 25 cent MTT that has $100 added by Poker Stars. The easiest way to find these last three is to use your tourney filter and set the max buy in to $1. Some PSO members have been successful in building a bankroll from nothing, so it can be done even with the odd setback from variance.

                good luck
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                  Hey rome this is precisely why we speak about good bankroll management. It doesn't matter how well you think you play it really doesn't. Bad variance will hit everyone and even if you are playing perfect poker you can find yourself losing alot.
                  I'm not talking 11 games I'm talking 1000+ games...... you may find that hard to believe but it is what has happened to me in the last 2 months. I have lost all the money i profited from day 1 this year and I am staying within my buy in bankroll. Do you know how frustratin git is to lose $75 on 500+ $1.50 9 and 18 mans the game I usually crush.
                  You have to move down in buy ins when this happens and you will keep from busting. However in your case you are playing outside your bankroll to begin with so this is no surprise. Good players only cash between 25 - 40% of their games and to lose 11 straight is pretty standard.
                  My suggestion is keep playing freerolls until you have the buyins or deposit money.

                  Gidee Up!


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                    Thank you for replying guys.After reading 19honu62 post and his excellent advice suddenly my frustration is gone and now i understand that even longer bad streaks can happen to advanced players also and you need good bankroll management to absorb these long downswings.Thank you for putting me back on my feet.You guys are the best and i wish you good luck at the tables.


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                      Originally posted by RomeWu View Post
                      thank you,but your link it not seems to be working
                      Just remove the '&Review = true' bit from the end, It works OK then.


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                        Bad Streak

                        you know you have done rong hear bank roll 990 2cents is all i can find with that type of bank roll its how i 1st start out


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                          It's all about managing your tilts and not reacting to the utterly soul destroying breaks and runs you can get into. You find yourself in a pit of despair at times because you just don't understand how his/her pocket 5's have bust your bullets... The trick is to treat each game as a brand new one and be ready to sit it out for an hour if you are not getting the cards to play. It's so easy to try and force your game or play a hand that you wouldn't even consider if things were going well. 45 to 90 people games are good for morale because you will cash more often than a 6000 person tourny (obviously) but i'd try switching to sit n goes for an hour or stopping all together and reading a poker book if you're feeling hard done by. It's the feeling of unfairness and being robbed that leads to the tilts. Look at the facts and understand the odds, your AK suited is favourite vs 78 off but not by as much as you think and to lose with a 70% advantage 5 times in a row is just another day at the poker office... the trick is to get on the other side of the coin and start piling up the chips... g luck!


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                            Hi Roythestone! Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will help to get you familiar with all that PSO has to offer. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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