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JJ - calling shove on 3364 board. 1.50 90man

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  • JJ - calling shove on 3364 board. 1.50 90man

    It's not the first time something like this has happened to me. I have no reads on the opponent. Can I really make this call profitably? Could I really make a profitable fold here? Well, after seeing what he had I'd like to have folded... but when this spot comes up in the future I'll probably make the call again.

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    People play ace rag in situations a lot worse the 5:1 pot odds pre-flop. With a standard opening raise from a steal position you are likely to get callers at a loose passive table. When you are up against 3 opponents someone hits the flop almost every time. Although most of these times you will be ahead of the, I tend to play cautiously when when I get multiple callers with a late position opening raise.

    Three callers in indicative of loose passive play. When someone turns aggressive after being passive my spidey sense starts to tingle. I would have to have a good read that they could be repping a hand here to continue. Absent that read its a fold for me.

    Good decisions!


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      Hi labs,

      You are almost 100bb's deep to start this hand, the villain is deep stacked as well... your hand isn't that strong in a 4 way pot so why force the action to be for a huge pot?

      I like the preflop raise just fine obviously. On the flop I would generally c-bet but I size it a bit smaller, 2/3rds pot is just not necessary on this board texture. It's not impossible for someone to have hit this board well since it's a multi-way pot, but for all those that missed their range will be air or smallish/medium pairs. We're crushing all of that, so I'd rather make a bet that controls the pot size a bit better and gives the hands drawing to 2 outs like 77 a reason to stick around and give us value. Anywhere from 150-175 seems about right to me.

      The one guy check/calls your large bet, that should be a concern. I would probably check behind on the turn here a large % of the time (without reads) which makes MY hand looked like a missed big ace, and plan to call a river bet, or make a value bet if checked to on the river. This controls the pot, gets our hand to showdown without stacking off to a better hand, and gets extra value out marginal holdings by induce river bluffs or "value bets" by worse, as well as curiosity check/calls.

      As played, I would actually fold to this guys check-raise jam. His line looks very strong, I think trip 3's is the least he's going to show you here. If he were super aggro or a massive spewer I would probably get it in, but then again I wouldn't be making another large bet on the turn because it sets us up to face exactly this spot, and our hand strength does not warrant it in a pot that started out multi-way.
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        Thanks for the answers. I`ve got to think a little better in these spots. the problem is that I expected to see flush and straight draws and A6 type hands more often than sets, straights or full houses... overpairs are never as good as they may seem. I never learn...



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