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$1 45 call with 88?

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  • $1 45 call with 88?

    Guy who shoved was a 22/22 but only over just above 10 hands not sure exactly, everyone else had tag/nit numbers so obviously a fold when i get a reship call and call. Was the initial call here ok or is this a spot i should fold?

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    I looked at the stack sizes and wondered why you would not consider shoving to maximize the chances of folding out hands like AQ and AJ or even 99 and 1010. Of course in this case it would not have done much good. If you think blackemu has widened his range enough to make 88 a profitable call then I think you should have shoved, the raise being a bluff to fold out better. Bad news you would have got three callers; good news on the flop!
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      Hi darkmajik! Against only the initial shipper (if playing top 22%), 88 is a 52-48 coin flip. With 3 behind me, I wouldn't flat the shove because if anyone else comes along, they'll most likely have overcards or pair and I would want as few as possible overcards drawing at me. Due to this, I'm either shoving or folding initially. If the opps left to act were playing passive, then I'm shoving 88 here to try and isolate the one opp (which still makes it only a marginal +EV spot due to the coin flip with the opp's range). If any of them were being aggressive, then I'm going to muck and look for a better situation to get my chips into. By calling, when any of the other opps shove over me, it's going to be an easy muck, because at best I'm in a 3-way race, if not totally dominated by an overpair. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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