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SNG cold streak

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  • SNG cold streak

    i've only cashed in one sng tournament in the past two months or so, and im figuring out that i must be doing something wrong. i usually play 9 player single table sngs with 10 minute blinds. i often bust out between 5th and 7th place. therefore, what's often the case is that two or three people will bust out in the first two levels, and then we will be left with 6 or 7 players with the blinds at 25/50 and everyone with a stack between 1300-1800 chips. this makes it really hard because everyone is only one hand away from being on the push-fold bubble. sometimes, two people will fall to between 750-1000 chips by the last few minutes of 25/50, which means that two players have now built up a big stack that are normally looking to knock me out if i see a flop with them. therefore, it's really hard to play good poker against them because it's hard to know how to play hands like A2-A5, middle pairs, and maybe higher suited connectors when the odds are right. at the same time, it's hard to play against the short stacks b/c most of the time they're just gonna shove when u raise to them, and there becomes fewer hands u can call with. usually when i do call, im dominated (KQ to AK and the like). so how do u approach this stage of a sng? do u just get more aggressive early to u don't have to face commitment decisions at 25/50, or do u only compete in pots that are only go to the flop heads-up against middle range stacks?

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    Can't say anything until I know how many you've played. You're doing fine if you've only played two


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      I'll offer two suggestions:

      1 ----- The video library.

      We have several training videos on the SNG game. They offer suggestions for how to play each stage of the game. You may want to copy the helpful charts and strategy guides so you can study these offline.

      2 ----- Chip action

      You might want to practice what you learned, or refine your current strategy. The chip games are more aggressive, but if you want to get some experience without risking cash, the play money games might help.


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        The Chips You Win In A SNG Are Worth Less, Per Chip, Than The Ones You Already Hold.

        It is all about reaching that bubble then maximising bubble play by this I mean pushing lightish and calling tight. I think but i am no expert.

        just finished this yesterday:

        check it out some hands for viewing if u want

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