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  • jamming

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    ok i was short stacked, as u can c , but the poker gods came in this hand, it put me deeper in the tourney, but dave, i have watched ur vids, and based it on let them make the decion to call, but i know again i really didnt have a choice here, so maybe there could be a video on jamming once in the money, my concern was i knew they were going in with like AQ, AK, A-10, also i just thought if the board hits me low with the set fine, it didnt, until the river, but i guess i was committed anyways, based on the blinds and my read on the playas. so with the read, i should of folded once the flop hit, but was the commitment to deep anyways no matter what?

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    Hi AmaturePlayr! With only 2BB left, I'm looking to shove any pair, any A, any broadway, suited connectors, etc. Having 66 definitely qualifies and I'm going to go with this hand preflop and hope that I'm in a race. Only having 2BB, I wouldn't even consider limping into a pot and then folding. It's too many chips to be giving away with a low stack. I'd rather be up against only one opponent, but with 2BB, I don't have the time to wait for a better situation. Yes, the river is a lucky card, but shoving here is something that I'll do everytime. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      thanks, but i have learned alot, from u and dave, but i guess, i could of folded and waited for more but i did end up good, but is there any way to jam without this senario, and maybe if u could look at some other playas hands and evaluate them also for maybe a session on jamming

      i know i only had 2bb, but i really based it on the going deeper, and it worked out, but i get confused on y when in the money u have to have like at least say 10 BB?


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        Hi AmaturePlayr! The reason to want more than 10BB is that when a player shoves a stack of this size, it maximizes fold equity as the opps are more likely to fold to a larger bet. With a stack below 5BB, especially if the opps have a larger stack, I'm more likely to be in a multi-way pot, as it won't cost the opps much to stay in the hand. With 2BB, I'd normally expect many players to call and the more that are in a hand, the lower my hand equity will be... regardless of the cards I hold. Once a player is ITM, there normally aren't any large payout increases until the final table, so the main goal after getting ITM is to get to accumulate chips to get there. The majority of the time, I'll have to loosen up after the bubble to try and accumulate these chips. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          ok i understand now thanks


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            Hi AP, I'm no expert but any thought of 'playing' this hand in terms of calling and seeing what hits on the flop is just a no no. John has played way more poker than me but in terms of feedback from someone who is trying to improve big time, your situation was a 'no brainer'. OK so you got lucky , but really you have to get used to putting your tournament life on the line way soon than just a couple of BB. I know it's scarey but when you get used to it it's fine!!

            Great that you got lucky and won the hand but man did you have some bullets to dodge!!

            Just really trying to back up what John was saying. Most folk won't let themselves get below 10BB as as John says you still have a chance of winning the hand without great cards at that stage. Once you are down to 5BB you need a winning hand to get you out of the mire. 2BB you need a miracle, like a 6 on the river ;-)

            The chap with the top pair and 2nd nut flush draw will not have liked that 6 on the river at all, lol. But hey, that's poker!!

            Good luck, K.
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