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Nut Flush and OE Straight Draws facing a reraise on the turn

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  • Nut Flush and OE Straight Draws facing a reraise on the turn

    Played this hand tonight in a large field MTT (25,000 runners) - I have a nice hand to raise preflop, and I am first to act with AQ of hearts in the cut- off. We are deep-stacked as I have almost 75 BBs going into the hand. I called the opponents flop bet with my overcards to the board, but only one heart on the flop. The turn card, Jack of hearts, gives me very strong draws with just one card to come. Opponent bets again on the turn, but it is a small bet - I am not sure if they have anything much and I want to show strength so I reraise. They immediately reraise again, but do not shove all-in, so now I think they have some pretty decent showdown value already. I don't want to give up as I have decent pot equity and if I hit we might get stacks in. Best line from here? Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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    Hey EdinFreeman

    Given the fact that villain has shown a tremendous amount of strength I'm certain he isn't going to fold to our shove even though it does look like we have fold equity.

    I think calling is the best option, especially as we are getting about 7/1 on our money. So I like a call/fold if we brick everything.

    Fwiw villains hand looks like 10J/QJ/QK or a set.

    Im curious to know the outcome of this hand ?

    Cheers, Chris.


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      Hi Ed! I agree with Chris here. I would call the turn for the reason being that while I have numerous outs, I still only have ace high. The opp probably has some sort of made hand, so I don't want to raise when I know I'm behind and only have one street to try to hit an out. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thanks for the feedback - I like the call option best in most cases, but it is not what I went with - which is probably why I posted the hand. As I said, I did not want to give up, but as I had 7K chips more than my opponent I felt I could afford to lose and still try to come back, and I was worried that if I hit the flush I might not get paid off with 2 pair or sets, maybe only with KQ or smaller flushes. Had put them on the hands ChewMe1 lists, and also KK or another AQ. I went with the shove and it paid off. Here was the outcome. It was in the Online Poker Show Freeroll - 25,000 players - one ticket to the Sunday Million - so it seemed to be a place to gamble more than I normally would. This win lifted me into the top 100 chipstacks, but unfortunately I did not go on to win it - I got coolered a couple of times and then gambled the rest off with marginals. At least it cost me nothing - and I was in with a slim chance of glory for a brief time. Good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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          Hi Ed,

          Really interesting spot. Did you run the numbers of that river card? Being up against a set was the best possible situation for you I guess in the sense that it gave you all the straight outs as well as the nut straight and the nut flush. I imagine you were still a 'dog' with only one card to come but I think I'll have to run the hand to see just what shape you were in.

          I'm going to stick my neck out and make a guess. It's a wild stab with no really workings out (my brain isn't big enough!). I reckon you were a 60-40 dog.

          OK, I'll go and run it through the calculator and repost with the answer and we'll see just how wrong I was, lol!!

          K in Cornwall.


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            Nope, not even close, a much bigger dog than I thought!! 70-30.

            Nice catch sir and must have been great having so many chips.



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              I reckon I was still a 30/70 dog on the turn card - which was a big improvement on 5/95 after the flop.

              It is such a big pot already though - it was one of those you suddenly think you have enough outs for it to be worthwhile - especially with such a small chance of 'cashing' in the tourney - so you have to win not only some 50/50 flips but also a few of the 70/30s in big pots - whichever side of that equation you are.

              I think I overvalued the draws - in a big cash tourney paying 10-15% I might not even call the flop bet - depending on opponent reads - but once I call the flop bet I hit about as good as I can hope to - so am not going away against this opponent.

              Not sure it is perfect play - but situation dictated it for me whereas a call would be optimal in most cases.

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                Yeh, everything you are saying stacks up and agree with you it was a playable move under the circumstances, though risky.

                That 'too many outs' feeling is a weird one though eh. My brain can sometimes make it seem it would be immpossible not to hit, right up until the point when I don't hit!!

                Really intersting to see the hand though and hear everyones thoughts about it. Glad it worked out for you. One in the eye for all the bad beats!!




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