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Am I leaking chips here???

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  • Am I leaking chips here???

    These are the spots were if I call I lose, If I fold I think I was bluffed! I was new to this table, so no reads?
    Last edited by chuckkky; Wed Apr 25, 2012, 01:53 PM. Reason: Wrong hand

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    I was slow playing on the turn ready to get it all in, but when the 4 th heart hit, I guess I put him on a Ace high flush or the straight flush with J8h, I may have been bluffed ???
    I have played a bit of PLO lately and when they shove the river like this they usually have the nuts.
    As I said B4 I have called many hands like this and usually lose.


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      Then I play like a total Donk on tilt I guess I am either a hero or donk on this call?


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        Hi Chukkky! Preflop with a suited K, I'll call preflop. If this was full-ring, I'd probably pass on it out of position, but at a short-handed table, I'll go with it. The flop gives me bottom pair and a flush draw. With a check before me and the preflop raiser after me, I'll check to the preflop raiser and call any reasonable bet. The turn gives me the second nut straight. Here is where I need to make a bet when the first player checks again. I need to bet here both for value, but to also make sure that a lone heart ace is priced out for a draw. If I had the nut flush here, then I'd be fine with checking back to the preflop raiser/c-bettor, but with a lower flush, I want to protect it. I'll size my bet at 450. The river gives the 4th heart, not what I want to see. The passive player that has check/called the entire hand now leads into me for 500. That should be a mid/upper heart. With the K high flush here, I'm calling it. The original raiser then shoves. The shove has to be the A of hearts or total air. Whether or not I'm calling this is going to be based on my read of this opp. If they've been shoving a number of rivers or bluffing, then I'm calling it. If the opp has been playing very tight, then I'd muck to it. With no reads, I'll muck and wish that I priced out the single A of hearts draw on the turn. In the AA hand, I'm making a std raise preflop. The board is very wet and even though I may be ahead now, there are combo draws that I'm behind. I will make a c-bet here and will size it at about 3/4 pot. When the opp calls, I know they at worst case should have a draw. The turn completes a straight. Here, I need to use pot control and due to that, I do not want to make a bet with a larger % than I made on the flop. I'd make a value bet of about 1/4-1/3 pot and see what happens. When the opp calls, it's a big problem since I don't have the straight nor a diamond. The river is about the worst card I can come up with. It gives 4 to a flush and 4 to a straight on the board. With no diamond in my hand, I'm check/folding here. Unfortunately, I agree with the comment about playing this hand on tilt, as it looks like it was played by a tilting player. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Thanks JWK,

          Some times slow playing comes back to bite you.
          Ended up ok finished 27th out of 643. for $21.86 from a $4.40 buy (4Max tourney)

          Went out with AK hit a King on flop bet pot size and villian chased his open ender and hit it on the turn. Some times there is just not pricing them out, they just keep calling.

          Thanks Chuckkky

          PS MuckinMyAces finished 51st
          Last edited by chuckkky; Thu Apr 26, 2012, 11:26 AM.


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            Originally posted by chuckkky View Post
            Some times there is just not pricing them out, they just keep calling.
            Hey Chuckkkky!

            If the opp wants to continually do this, they may win every so often, but it's a big -EV play for them, which means that they're going to be a losing player in the long run.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner



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