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pot odds, calling min bets on trhee streets (early stages of $1rebuy satty)

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  • pot odds, calling min bets on trhee streets (early stages of $1rebuy satty)

    I'm playing a scoop $1 satellite and I've been seeing a lot of bad plays (not that my plays are any better) probably due to the rebuy effect. There was a limpfest, I from the small blind completed with TJ just because of the odds (12/1, if I'm not mistaken). The flop comes low cards only, with a possible straight. and the big blind min bet, and everybody calls, giving me 10/1 odds to pay another min bet. Of course I sense weakness from they're passive play, but raising, either pre-flop or on the flop with the happy callers, would be dangerous because it's a rebuy and there were a lot of loose calls. So I folded the TJ and the min betting continued until the J high possible flush river. Is there a way for me to take advantage of their weakness profitably, like floating for a bluff or, like in this case, improvement in latter streets? Was the call pre correct? if so, was the fold on the flop correct?

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    Hi labs22! The one thing that I want to do as a poker player is to make the best decision based on all the information at that given time.... not the results. Being results oriented in hold'em is not a good thing to do. Once the cards are mucked.. forget the hand was there. Doing this will help keep a player off of tilt. With JT from the SB, I'm going to complete into the limpfest. The flop totally misses me so I'll check. There's a bet and 3 calls in front of me. I'm mucking here. With that many in the pot, someone hit a part of it or has a pocket pair or has a better J or 10. With this being the case, it's an easy muck for me. Floating here wouldn't be something that I'd recommend, as there is really no card that can give you the nuts. Anyone with a J or 10 will most likely have JT outkicked. When I float in this type of spot, I want AJ or A10, so that if the J or 10 hits, I have TPTK, or I'll float with two overs and a flush/straight draw. What I will do to exploit a limpfest (which I did in my live tourney series a few times), is to not limp behind if I'm in position, but to be raising when I get into a pot in position. It'll normally thin the field and I'll have position on the other opps in the hand and can use that to my advantage. Out of position (from the blinds especially), I don't want to bloat the pot if I'm going to be in sticky spots every street due to being out of position. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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