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AKs 22$ deepstack in the money

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  • AKs 22$ deepstack in the money

    Hi, I have about a little bit more than 40 BB and I am in 5th position when I receive this hand. My image at the table is pretty aggressive, I shipped AJo with 22 BB stack over an open raiser who picked up QQ and I won. 16 or 15 players remain, the money bubble was at 18 players about 150 joined. The prices went up really slow, with 1 $ each jump and it started to increase more from 9th to 8th etc. In my last review JWK mentioned that I should take some more risks in order to get a better chance at winning a tournament. Is this a good spot to get it allin PFR with a tight opponent whose stats are 20/13 over 150+ hands or even more and 3bet % of 2.3 if I recall correct. To gain the chip lead or 2nd lead in chips to take a great shot at winning? He insta shoved btw, it was so fast that it looked like he had it programmed in.
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    Hi Sjekkkk! With AKs here, I will make a std raise from UTG. The next opp then raises to 5k and it folds back around to me. I'm going to flat the raise to 5k here. I do have a hand with great potential (AKs), but without hitting a part of the board, it's not a made hand and is still only ace high. If I did 4-bet here, I'm making it much more than a raise to double their 3-bet amount and would make it at least 15k. The opp then instantly shoves... and I agree that this looks like it was a pre-determined move... which means that the opp most likely has one of the two hands that dominate me, so I'd muck. By flatting the 3-bet to 5k, I get to see if I hit a part of the flop (which in this case could get me into trouble since the opp had AA) but it wouldn't cost me as many chips to see if I have a hand or ace high. With multiple tables left, my goal at this stage of the tourney is to get to the final table first (where the pay jumps start happening), then when I get there, to try to win. With a 5th place stack, I want to preserve it to get to the final table and the larger payouts and to only take chances with made hands or when I'm ahead. Also, shipping AJ with 22BB is a much better play than shipping 40+BB without a made hand when not at the final table. The chip stack here is 3rd largest at the table, going up against a larger stack that could KO me while the other was at the final table and with basically the shortest stack at the table. Tourney position and how my stack is in relation to the other stacks is the key as to why I'll make a different decision here compared to the other hand. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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