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1.50 90man KO - calling shove with AsJs out of positiion on 7s9s10c flop

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  • 1.50 90man KO - calling shove with AsJs out of positiion on 7s9s10c flop

    Hi, guys. It was in the early stages of a 90 man 1.50 sng (the blinds go up every 15 minutes) when this happened. There was a limpfest, so I raised from the big blind with my AJ suited. The button called. We see a flop, I c-bet with a gutshot and a flushdraw, plus two overcards, and the button shoves... I ended up calling and busted. However, I'm not sure about this play, sould have folded and waited a better spot to put my money in (since I had a lot of chips and it was in the very beggining of the tournament)? Or was this a good spot to call it off since he could be semi-bluffing, and if he were semi-bluffing he would be in a bad shape. I just feel like the worst fish when these spots come up and every choice I could take seems like the wrong one.

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    they got you covered and your 50/50 id fold and find a better spot
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      yeah. it's hard for me to find the fold button in these spots. I think I need an "are you sure you want to call?" pop box for these situations.


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        Hi labs,

        I think you've played this hand ok.

        I definately like the raise preflop, maybe even 150 rather than 120, although that could be akward if we get 2 callers so 120 is still fine.

        Then the flop, we have draws up the wazoo. Lots of times here he has top pair, open ended and a pair or even just open ended. Only really two hands we are worried about and thats 77, TJ and maybe 89. Weak players will slow play flopped monsters tons of the time here also. But even against these top hands we are getting ok odds to call. Against everything else we are in great shape.If we look at reads I think we can also see this guy is probably willing to gamble having tripled up very early also. I think we are 60-65%+ favourite here.

        I like the CBet and I think we should get it in here as you have done also. Even if it's worse case scenario a flip it is still early we aren't wasting invested time or any great start.

        Well played.

        PS in my reply I was about to type this guy NEVER has T6 here. LOL but it was sooted!
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          Hi labs! I agree with Andy . The one thing that I like the best here is the size of the c-bet. By betting 150, if the opp calls, you're into the pot for 26.3%. There are 9 outs to a flush and 3 each to the J and A, so with 15 outs, the hand has 30% equity. A larger c-bet would have made it a bad price to draw, but the size that was picked made it a correct play. Same thing for calling the shove. 40% into the pot when with 2 streets and 15 outs, the hand has 60% equity. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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