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Final table - 2 hands

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  • Final table - 2 hands

    First I got this hand and it took me like a miunte to fold my hand and I told everybody I had 22. The guy said he had the nuts, I think it is reasonable to believe he had a better hand. He played so passively and then so aggresively on the river that he either slowplayed a better set or he made his straigth or flush. then the NEXT hand, I was still a bit uncomfortable after folding the set, and I think that I usually would have folded here also. I think I should have folded, still would have had 40 BBs left if I did, what do you reckon?umbup:

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    no reads on this villian because these were the first 2 hands....
    the tournament was a $22 buyin deep stack slow tournament, therefore no reason to go crazy if you get medium / short stack
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      Hi sjekkkk! 22 hand: Preflop, I'm going to call trying to setmine here with 22. The flop gives me a set, but also has potential straight, flush and combo draws. I want to make a value bet with my set, but I need to price out as many of the opps possible from whatever draws they may have and will size my bet at 3/4 pot here. 3/4 pot will price out two opps.... but any smaller bets will price IN the second caller and I don't want to give a larger stack a reason to make a +EV call and draw at me. The turn completes the flush and both opps check. I'm going to check behind here for pot control and re-evaluate on the river. The river 9 completes multiple straight draws. The passive opp now leads for 1/3 pot and is raised by the initial min-raiser. That's a tough spot. The original preflop raiser could have a flush, straight (KJs), set of 9's, or another pocket pair. With the only hands that I beat being a pocket pair that didn't hit a set (or air) and it costing me over 1/2 my chips... I will still have about 50BB if I muck (but am a bottom 3 chip stack)... BUT if I have the best hand and win, I go from 7th place to being the chip leader with a shot at winning the tourney. I think the risk is worth the reward of being the final table chip leader and I'm calling the 31.2k here. The opp may have me beat, but I think the risk is worth the reward. AK hand: Preflop there is an UTG min raise and I've got AK from MP. I'm going to 3-bet here and size it at 3X the min-raise, 7200. The BB (same villain as last hand) raises to 19,200. After folding the last hand and with my 3-bet here, I'm basically the lowest stack at the table and need to be accumulating chips. I still have about 40BB, but I like the shove here. The only hands I'm dominated by are AA and KK and have a blocker to both, am in a race with smaller pairs or have other aces dominated. If I had a larger stack compared to the opps, I may fold here, but as almost the lowest stack left, I need to be getting chips to try and win. Yes, I have some time left to try and find a hand, but as almost the lowest stack left, I need to be taking some chances to accumulate chips. Good run to get to the final table and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thanks John



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