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Was this a mistake or bad luck?

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  • Was this a mistake or bad luck?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    This game was a 25c 90 player SNG. The player in the highjack was very loose - VP:75 Aq:75. The button tight/aggressive; played in position. I was waiting for an opportunity to get the highjack heads-ups since blind level 1, this hand was played at blind level 4. I believed that neither of these players would limp KK pre-flop, but would call with Kx. I bet small on the flop anticipating a re-raise from the maniac. I thought that the maniac would call my shove, and the button would fold. The opposite happened.
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    Hi Tonk Shuffle! With 64o from the BB, I'll gladly see a flop for free. The flop gives trips, but there are two diamonds on the board. Having a 4 with a bad kicker, I want to make a value bet here and I need to size it large enough to price out as many opps that might want to draw to the diamond flush. I"ll bet 350 here (just over 3/4 pot). If all the opps stay, it's impossible to price all of them out, but I'll price out the same number of opponents with a 3/4 pot bet as a pot bet.. so I'll take the lower for pot control too, since I've got a bad kicker and A4s is well within either opp's range. The first opp then raises to 800 and the button calls, I'm just going to flat their raise here, as I want to see the other cards (to make sure another diamond or K doesn't hit, in which case I've got the smaller full house, as I expect at least one of the opps has a K). I wouldn't shove untill I saw that there wasn't a second K or a third diamond. As soon as I saw that these cards didn't hit, then I am going to shove. The result of the hand was unlucky with the backdoor flush, but Kx is what I would expect a TAG player to have had here... the unlucky part was that it was a suited K. When playing against a loose player like the hijack, is to shove preflop, or if I see that I hit the flop hard, not to shove too much, too early. Normally that's the one way that a loose aggressive player might muck their hand. When I hit a hand against them, I normally try to let them make bet after bet, then shove a smaller stack over them (where they're forced to call). In this situation, the shove is about 1.5X the pot size. I try not to shove until the shove is the size of a typical value bet (1/2 to 3/4 pot). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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