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Tough spot with QQ overpair vs weak aggressive opponent

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  • Tough spot with QQ overpair vs weak aggressive opponent

    The opponent played 29/20 over 110 hands he had an aggression factor of 2.2 and he was a considerable bad player. He is not shy of betting when he has something and is capable of having anything in his range. more or less a calling station with the capability of betting mediocre hands. I called the raise due to position and I wanted the weak player Ricenov in the pot, also I did not want to get involved in a raise war with my stack size vs the other big stack.

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    my friends watched the hand with me in skype and I said 75 and A4 are definately in his range but so is A6 and any smaller overpair which I can beat.
    He might have flopped a full house here, but he is definately not slowplaying AA/KK. However I think he would have raised with a boat on the flop.

    The guy does not read hands I think, he just plays the cards he is dealt.


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      I am still in the tourney with 67 BBs atm! 42 players left, (this is a deep stack slow tourney)


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        Hi sjekkkk! With QQ here, I'm either going to flat the 3-bet or make a 4-bet and which I'll do is dependant on the opp and the way they're playing. At 29/20, I'm thinking I'm ahead, so I'd 4-bet. I also would not particularly care for the 3rd player seeing the flop, as QQ plays much better heads-up than in a 3-way pot. With a premium pocket pair against a wider aggressive opp.... a preflop raising war wouldn't bother me, as I'm ahead of the vast majority of the opp's range here and I want to get my chips in good any chance that I can get. The flop brings an underpair and the opps go check, then a just under 1/2 pot bet. While a 4 is within the opps ranges, especially since I didn't 4-bet to thin the field, I'm going to make a pot sized raise here. I want one of the opps to drop so that both are not drawing at an A or K if one hits on the turn or river. The turn completes a straight and gives a flush draw and the passive opp now bets 1/2 pot. This bet now is really making me dread not 4-betting pre or raising the flop, as it could easily be a 5... that should have folded preflop unless it's 55. If they have a 4, 25 or 57, then so be it.. if I'd call a river bet, I'm shoving over the top of them on the turn and not letting them see the last card. The river now means that 4x or 5x beat me. By playing as passively as I have all hand, I'm mucking QQ here. The opp's line says to me they have a 5 and I'm beat. I think the better line to take here is to 4-bet preflop and as long as I didn't put anyone else left seeing the flop on a 4... make a pot-sized raise on the flop. This is a hand that is a good example of why not to keep opps around in a pot where by re-raising preflop, they'd have been out of the hand. The more opps that are in the hand, the better the chance for one of them to draw out on me. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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