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Should I have busted him

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  • Should I have busted him

    Normally i wouldn't open this hand on the button unless it was suited especially at this blind level but the small blind player was so fishy and had shown him self to be a calling station (called a value bet on the river with jack high after draw busted wtf?) i felt it was good to get into pots with him, He was a 60/0 through 20 hands. In analysis I actually feel I should have bet more on the flop I had a big hand in comparison to his standards and knew he would call wide at least a 2/3rds pot size bet here?. On the turn the Q10 draw completes but is such a small part of his range i think betting for value again is the correct choice and something like half pot would be fine. On the river the guy donks into me which worried me as he had not taken an aggressive line so far, it could have been a blocker bet but I don't even think he knows what this is, it was a surprising line especially from this station and so i opted to just call, should i be stacking him in hindsight?

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    Definitely not which brings me to how I would play it with a question for a hand analyser to boot.

    I'm pot betting that flop, maybe even pot betting the turn but more likely 2/3rd betting it. His bet on the river I'm still calling, only if he donks all in woul I think about folding.

    My question: Is an aggressive line like I take more profitable than DarkMajik's? I find that poor players will call a pot bet with any muck. They have no comprehension, they only see what they have in their own hand. They'll call top pair, middle pair, a gutshot or even back door flush draw. By pot betting you don't give any odds to anything but a straight flush draw. From time to time they will hit or indeed flop stronger but generally charging them over the odds to call I find very profitable.

    Only players who I thought had a clue would I think about playing otherwise.

    What do the hand analysers think?
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      Hi darkmajik! Preflop, against a station, as long as it's a passive station, I'm going to open raise here too, to my std of 3BB. With flopping two pair and the opp checking to me, I will make my std value bet here of 1/2 pot. It's also enough of a bet to price out an OESD just in-case the opp has one. The turn completes a straight and gives a flush draw. When the opp checks here, since there could be a combo flush/straight draw, I need to size my value bet high enough to price the opps draws out. With it being a combo draw, I'll bet 3/4 pot here. The river is what should be a blank (57 or 66 is all that it would help) and the opp makes a very awkward small bet. With it being a station that has been passive, but is now betting, I would put them on having some sort of marginal made hand. With a larger hand, most of the time from the tournies I've played, the stations will make a larger bet on the river if they're going to lead. Due to this, I'm not going to try to stack the opp (could be the one thing that might get them to fold), but I will make a raise here. I'd size it at 400 (small enough that the opp should call it, but not enough to scare the opp off). With sizing these river bets, I try to go just under 1/2 pot. When playing against a station like this, just keep value betting them when you have a hand, don't try to bluff them and eventually they will give you all of their chips. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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