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Is this a call/push or fold?

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  • Is this a call/push or fold?

    Just wondering what would be the ideal play in this situation? I had a hard time making a decision on this play...I marked out the cards of the other two players since the hand replayer shows their cards and I didn't want the decision to be affected if the cards were known. Thanks!


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    by the way, a bit more info that doesn't show on the picture, UTG pushed all in and got called by one player (the two players in the pot are the ones with the cards painted out)


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      Hi Randomdude85! What type of tourney is this and where are you at with regard to getting ITM? Also, what reads do you have on the other players? These will all be things that will play into my decisions here. Also, what did the player on your right do? Their cards are not blacked out? If it's just UTG and the 3k stack then it will cost you 1410 to call into a pot of 4485 (31.6%). Assuming it ends up a 3-way pot (may or may not happen), we then go to pokerstove to see what the hand equity is. The original shover has a PFR of 5%. They could be shoving a bit wider than this due to having only a bit over 10BB left, so I'll give them a top 8% hand. The other opp has a PFR of 2%, which says to me that they have a good hand, so I'll assign a top 5% hand to them. This gives me a hand equity of 29% (which will be worse if anyone behind me calls too). Since the hand equity is lower than the pot equity, I'm mucking 10's here and looking for a better spot to get my chips into. If the player on my right is still in the hand too.. then that will also change all the numbers here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        thanks for your response! I really appreciate it
        The tourney was a $2.20 SnG 9-handed where top 3 are ITM

        My reads were basically what you noticed from the players PFR, the UTG was playing super tight, but with him being in the short stack and the blind about to hit him I was ready to put my chips in against him if it got folded to me, unfortunately there was one called who was also playing pretty tight (in fact, the whole table was playing really tight throughout the tourney). The player to my right did fold, I just really wasn't sure if I should of called, I know if I pushed the caller would of called the rest of my push because it wasn't that much more. I was pretty sure I would be up against two overs from both players, and also there was a chance that the called had a higher pair. I did end up folding, it was just a tough decision at the time because of where we were and the the blinds.
        Thank you so much for the response, by the way, is there a way to get my hand to play on here? I was trying to figure out how and looked at the link given on the sticky thread but still no results. That is why I just took a screen shot of the hand



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